Google Maps is far ahead of Waze and Apple Maps for… avoiding speed cameras

A study in the United States reports that 70% of users of navigation applications choose Google Maps to avoid speed cameras. An application closely followed by Waze (also owned by Google) and Apple Maps.

A podium with Google Maps, Waze and Apple Plans // Source: Montage Frandroid

It’s Google’s tidal wave on navigation applications: on the American market, Google Maps is used by 70% of navigation application users to avoid speed cameras. The podium is modestly completed by Waze as well as Apple Plans.

Americans avoid speed cameras mainly thanks to Google Maps

It all starts from a study carried out by MarketWatch among American users on the way in which navigation applications allow them to avoid fines, and more precisely speed cameras. What we learn is that 70% of the users surveyed use Google Maps. 27% use Waze and 25% use Apple Plans. Of the 1,000 respondents, 34% of them said they had been warned at least once by one of the applications of the presence of a speed camera on their route.

Google Maps on iPhone // Source: Unsplash

What is quite surprising is that across the Atlantic, the iPhone is even more popular compared to Android smartphones than in France. We might have expected Apple Maps to be used more. What could explain this, at least in part, is that more and more American users are switching from Android to iOS by getting an iPhone. But already accustomed to Google Maps, they reinstall the application on Apple smartphones.

Google reigns supreme in navigation apps with Maps and Waze

Furthermore, it should be remembered that Waze is an application purchased by… Google, more than ten years ago. So, the three applications most used to anticipate speed cameras are marketed by two companies and Google clearly has a monopoly on this. What this survey also shows is that American users favor Google Maps more or less in general: the use for speed cameras shows some success.


Remember that in France, it is illegal to give the exact position of speed cameras: Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps are subject to the law. Waze found the solution a long time ago: indicate potential control zones, including for mobile radars. In Google Maps, contrary to rumors, there is no secret feature to display speed camera locations. However, we can only recommend that you display the speed limits on the application and look at the signs on the road in order to respect the limits imposed on our roads, for the safety of all (in addition to being beneficial for the points on your license and for your wallet).

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