Gotham Knights: New DC series comes to US broadcaster The CW!


The US broadcaster The CW is planning a new DC series on Arrowverse with “Gotham Knights”. Here you can find out everything known about the latest superhero series.

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  • With “Gotham Knights”, The CW is creating a completely new series in the DC universe.
  • With many “Batwoman” and “Gotham” creators, real experts are at work for the new DC series.
  • Find out what role the new show will play in Arrowverse here.

The US TV broadcaster The CW is apparently very successful with its series from the DC comic universe. So the broadcaster announces “Gotham Knights” is a completely new series drama that is supposed to revolve around popular characters from the Batman franchise, but is not a spin-off of “Batwoman”, whose season 3 is currently being broadcast in the USA.

The series is also not based on the upcoming “Gotham Knights” video game, the release of which is scheduled for 2022. So the TV series is supposed to follow Bruce Wayne’s rebellious adopted son, the after Bruce’s death is forced to form an alliance with the descendants of Batman’s archenemies enter into. This is the only way he can defend himself against Gotham’s law enforcement officers after the murder of the masked bat was attached to him.


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So the gang of the city’s most wanted criminals must fight their way against all odds to to clear their names. But without the Dark Knight, Gotham is more dangerous than ever. Nevertheless, this team of outsiders should succeed in protecting the city as a new generation of avengers. A possible cast is currently as little known as the characters who will appear.

Let yourself be surprised whether there will be a reunion with Dick Grayson alias Robin or Nightwing, Luke Fox alias Batwing, Barbara Gordon as Batgirl or Oracle and other well-known characters from the Arrowverse. A classification into the existing Arrowverse has not yet been announced.

The new series is written and produced by Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux (“The Vampire Diaries”, “Batwoman”, “Gotham”). Natalie Abrams (“Supergirl”) is also a writer and co-producer. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter (“Riverdale”) and David Madden will take on the roles as executive producers.

When “Gotham Knights” will be shown on the station is currently not foreseeable. You are currently watching the new episodes of season 3 of “Batwoman” in the USA. We’ll show you how you can easily watch the current episodes in Germany.

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