Grey’s Anatomy: Kevin McKidd wishes Sandra Oh’s return to the series

“Grey’s Anatomy”
Kevin McKidd wants Sandra Oh to return to the show

Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh played a married couple on Grey’s Anatomy.

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Even more than eight years after her “Grey’s Anatomy” exit, Kevin McKidd wants his former series wife Sandra Oh to make a comeback.

About eight years ago, Sandra Oh (50) left the successful hospital series “Grey’s Anatomy”. From season one on she embodied the young doctor Cristina Yang. Her serial husband Kevin McKidd (48, Owen Hunt), who is still known as Dr. Owen Hunt can be seen, his colleague wishes back. That’s why he keeps teasing her as he reveals to “People” magazine. “Every time I see her, I bug her and say, ‘Come on, come on. Just one [Folge].’ Maybe one day she will say yes. I edit them all the time,” the actor said.

He makes it unmistakably clear that Sandra Oh’s possible return is a matter close to McKidd’s heart: “I would love it if Sandra Oh would come back.” However, he does not have high hopes. “I don’t think it will happen. She keeps saying that nothing will come of it,” confirms the 48-year-old.

McKidd is certain: Sandra Oh has “finished” with “Grey’s Anatomy”

“She’s really an artist. And when she’s done with something, she’s done with it, so it’s not because of any bad vibes,” said McKidd, who is also a personal friend of the actress.

Last year, Sandra Oh herself made it clear that she would not be returning to Grey’s Anatomy. “I left this show, my god, about seven years ago, so it’s over in my head. But it’s still alive for a lot of people. And while I understand and love that, I’m still done with it,” explained the former TV doctor in the “Los Angeles Times” podcast “Asian Enough”.


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