“Grill den Henssler”: Steffen Henssler masters exams

“Grill the Henssler”
Steffen Henssler masters exams

Steffen Henssler cooked with a snake around his shoulders.

© RTL / Frank W. Hempel

Steffen Henssler bravely persevered in the jungle special of his cooking show: he mastered the encounter with snake and tarantula.

Steffen Henssler (49) passed the start of the 16th season of his cooking show with two jungle tests and also won at the end. “Grill the Henssler” (also on RTL+) lured TV viewers to the screens last Sunday with a jungle special: Henssler competed against ex-jungle campers Anouschka Renzi (57), Harald Glööckler (56) and jungle king Filip Pavlović (27).

In order not to be inferior to his guests, jungle tests were on the program for the TV chef: the 49-year-old had to cook with a ball python on his shoulders, and a Chilean tarantula was put on his hand. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with the matter, but he remained calm. Presenter Laura Wontorra (33) praised: “Steffen, you hero!”

Steffen Henssler: Victory in the season opener

Henssler was also one step ahead when it came to cooking: His opponents only won one kitchen competition, after which things went downhill for them. Steffen Henssler triumphed in the individual duels. “I’m a disaster when it comes to cooking,” said Filip Pavlović, who actually didn’t score with his white bean soup: he lost 19:9 to Henssler. The duel with Anouschka Renzi was a little tighter: the TV chef won the chicken provencale 22:21.

In the end, designer Harald Glööckler competed against the professional chef. His oriental Kaiserschmarrn was not convincing and he lost 20:16 to Henssler. Glööckler also had a small argument with presenter Laura Wontorra, who spoke of wigs instead of hair pieces. This should “not happen to a woman,” complained the 56-year-old.

In the end it was unsurprisingly 83:65 for Steffen Henssler. “I can feel: This season is going to be really good!” Was his conclusion.


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