Gross net calculator for 2022: how much the deductions are, how much salary you have left

If you want to know exactly how much money will be available for spending in the next year, you can use the free German salary calculator. Just give a few details and you will know exactly how much net of the gross you will get in 2022.

With the gross / net calculator, employees, civil servants and the self-employed can determine their net income free of charge. Personal allowances or the special tax table for those who are not subject to social insurance are taken into account.

Soli calculator: this is how much money you will save

Soli has been history since 2021 – at least for around 90 percent of taxpayers. The federal government, however, continues to ask high earners to pay.

So for taxpayers the question arises:

  • Am I one of the 90 percent who will benefit from the elimination or do I have to continue paying?

The soli is basically 5.5 percent of corporation tax or income tax. Since 2021, the following applies to taxpayers: singles who pay less than 16,956 euros in income tax per year no longer have to pay any solos. For taxpayers who are jointly assessed as a couple, the limit is higher: those who pay income tax of up to a maximum of 33,912 euros annually have been exempt from solos since 2021. Both limits will also apply in 2022.

If you are above the mentioned limits, you do not have to pay the full 5.5 percent solos immediately. The legislature has stipulated a smooth transition after the exemption limits are exceeded.

Only singles who pay more than EUR 31,527.56 income tax have to shell out the full 5.5 percent. For couples, the amount is 63,055.13 euros. From these income tax amounts, your solos also reach 5.5 percent.

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