He kills his whole family with several bullets to make sure she “doesn’t suffer”


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The father would then have tried to end his life but would have been “too afraid to do it”.

It is a fact of rare violence that occurred on Wednesday December 1. In Florida, USA, a father was recently charged with a triple murder and jailed on bail in Nassau County Jail. This man, named William Broyles, is indeed accused of having killed his wife and two of his children aged 27 and 28. This American, aged 57 and a member of a church, is however not known for acts of violence. He later surrendered to the police, according to the Nassau County Sheriff. According to the first elements of the investigation, which Paris Match echoes on Friday, December 3, the man would have shot his family on several occasions “to make sure she doesn’t suffer”. He would have subsequently tried to end his life, but would have finally “too scared to do it”. A case that has “any sense”, According to the sheriff who spoke at a press conference last Wednesday. Despite these inconsistencies, the police have done “a pretty clear idea of ​​what happened”, Even if they continue “To investigate to make sure”.

The unfolding of the facts

After the tragedy, William Broyles would have called the police. “When the officers arrived, the gunman was lying on the ground in the alley, without his gun, he was waiting for them.”, Described the sheriff. In detail, William Broyles would have attacked his wife first, shooting her in the middle of the living room. The assailant would then have entered his daughter’s room. He would then have aimed at him when “she was waking up”, Relays Paris Match. Then, “he then ran into his son’s room and shot him“, in turn. The couple are said to have another son, who was out of the state of Florida at the time of the tragedy. The father of the family was therefore locked up in the Nassau County jail to avoid any risk of suicide on his part.

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