He thought it would be a failure, but his video game sold a million copies: it’s a phenomenon!

Game news He thought it would be a failure, but his video game sold a million copies: it’s a phenomenon!

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The future sometimes holds surprises! This independent creator did not expect such success, and still can’t believe it.

This game is a bit like the one that no one expected, but which nevertheless won everything. This small independent title, which takes up one of the most famous games in the world, even managed to dominate the Steam rankings upon its release, then to settle comfortably there. Far from being a simple title for reflection, it even became completely addictive for some, which caused him harm, but which also guaranteed him success. Today, its creator still can’t believe it.

From controversy to success

Balatro shook the crowds on PC and consoles. What at first glance is a simple poker game is in fact full of many features that make it famous. If the basis of its gameplay remains classic poker, it is armed with numerous completely crazy rules, combos and bluffs of all kinds. The title even goes so far as to abandon classic combinations (or almost) to invent new ones.

So no two games are the same, especially when you’re invited to cheat. The problem is that the recipe has become addictive for some. For the PEGI organization, when you mix card games and addiction, you quickly find yourself being compared to gambling. The company then quickly installed a note “Not recommended for under 18s”. Know that because of this decision, Baltaro could have disappeared. “ I still believe the rating is unjustified, but there is a gray area for interpretation,” developer LocalThunk explained on Reddit. Fortunately, the software has become so popular that a simple PEGI can no longer stop it. A few days ago, Balatro exceeded one million sales and its local creator Thunk still can’t believe it.

“A year ago, I was getting ready to release my weird little game on Steam and look for a job in IT again. I put the store page online in May and expected to sell maybe 10 copies. It’s been a crazy year.” LocalThunk on X.

It’s definitely an unexpected and deserved success that changed the life of this creator. “I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love as a career now,” he continues on X. Today, he devotes himself entirely to Baltaro. On Reddithe explained that he still had tons of projects to complete,including a mobile versionwhich will certainly be even more addictive.

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