Heat pump, MaPrimeRenov’… What aid can you claim in 2024 to renovate your property?

While the government is counting on 700,000 renovations per year to remove 7 million properties from the status of thermal sieves, many owners are wondering about the existing aid to carry out the work successfully. Here are a certain number of boosts, granted under conditions, to which it is possible to claim in 2024.

A target of at least 200,000 large-scale renovations in 2024 for an estimated total of 7.2 million energy sieves: the government intends to take charge of the energy renovation of housing in the national park.

The screw works must make it possible to gain at least two energy classes on the energy performance diagnosis and the construction site is massive. By 2050, 95% of the housing stock must undergo comprehensive renovation… Which requires renovating 500,000 homes per year from 2017, then 900,000 from 2030. Here is the aid that can support households from January 1st.

MaPrimeRenov’: aid up to 90% of the total work

The subsidies from the MaPrimeRnov’ system, to which we can add the energy savings certificates (CEE) issued by professionals, have been updated by the National Housing Agency (Anah). Depending on your income, this aid will reach up to 90% of the total amount of the quotes.within the limit of a cost of 70,000 euros of work, if the energy performance rating of the housing increases 4 levels on the A G range. A bonus out of the sieve is added to the Anah data summarized in the tables below below:

Amounts eligible for MaPrimeRnov’ aid in 2024
Energy gain
on a DPE
2 class3 classes4 classes
Spending ceiling
40,000 euros55,000 euros70,000 euros
Very modest households80%80%80%
Low-income households60%60%60%
Intermediate households45%50%50%
So-called senior households30%35%35%

Source: National Housing Agency (Anah)

Beyond these maximum amounts, The ceiling for eligible expenses ranges from 40,000 to 70,000 euros. And the scales are different between Ile-de-France and the rest of the country. For example, very low-income households can receive 80% of their work covered, compared to 60% for low-income households.

Annual resource ceilings (RFR) to benefit from MaPrimeRnov’ aid in 2024
Number of occupants
Very modest households
Ile-de-France/outside IDF

Low-income households
Ile-de-France/outside IDF

Intermediate households
Ile-de-France/outside IDF
So-called senior households
Ile-de-France/outside IDF
123541 / 1700928657 / 2180540018 / 30549> 40018 and 30549
234551 / 2487542058 / 3188958827 / 44907> 58827 and 44907
341493 / 2991750513 / 3834970382 / 54071> 70382 and 54071
448447 / 3494858981 / 4480282839 / 63235> 82839 and 63235
555427 / 4000267473 / 5128194844 / 72400> 94844 and 72400
6970 / 50458486 / 646212006 / 9165

Source: National Housing Agency (Anah)

The end of monogestures

From July 1, 2024, owners of class F and G houses will no longer be able to access renovation through a single gesture, and will necessarily be directed towards a major renovation.

In addition, according to a recent study by the specialist company Effy, households which only undertake attic insulation or are content to replace their old boiler will receive less help in 2024. Thermal insulation from the outside costs 18,000 euros. , will only entitle you to 1200 euros of aid compared to 5200 euros this year.

These households will be supported by experts My Renov’ guide.

MaPrimeRenov’: these 3 profiles who will benefit from an increase in renovation aid in 2024

My Renov’ guide will become essential

Precisely, the MonAccompagnateurRenov’ recourse, a project management assistant, will also be favored for requests for assistance involving at least 2 eligible MaPrimeRnov’ work stations, the cost of which is greater than 5,000 euros each (for a total cost of 10,000 euros minimum ). It will be essential to receive the maximum amount of public aid.

Established by the Climate and Resilience law of August 22, 2021, its role is to support households in the choice of work and craftsmen. He will also have to travel at least twice to carry out an energy audit, then observe the progress of the renovation before concluding that the property has gained energy.



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