Heidi Klum: is she throwing Conchita Wurst out of the show now?

Big flop

Gaudy, flashy and spectacular – that's probably the best description of the reality TV show "Queen of Drags", which was broadcast on ProSieben for the first time last year. With Heidi Klum, Bill Kaulitz (30) and Conchita Wurst as jurors the show was chosen as the queen of drag queens.

Despite a top-class jury, the first season of the new show seems to have flopped quite a bit. Only 960,000 spectators watched the final last December. And the house blessing also seemed to be hanging behind the scenes. Heidi Klum is said to have been dissatisfied with the performance of Conchita Wurst, reports the "Bild".

Drama, baby!

Despite poor odds and drama in the jury, there is apparently still a second season. If only because ProSieben would not want to harm the Heidi Klum brand if the shipment were sawn off after just one season. Nevertheless, there should be drastic changes: "Heidi Klum demands to replace Conchita Wurst for the second season. She needs a farmer sacrifice," an insider told the "Bild". Bill Kaulitz should of course continue to be part of the show. Because of the family Relation to Heidi, of course, after all, he is the twin brother of Heidi's husband Tom Kaulitz.

But that was not all about the drama theme "Drag of Queen". Not to forget the harsh criticism from the LGBTQ + community that didn't really accept the series from the start. Her reproach: Heidi Klum would think that the Drag Queen phenomenon was simply gay carnival. Hard criticism that the otherwise so successful juror has to accept.

Is there hope?

When and in what constellation the second season should take place is still in the stars. "ProSieben makes a relaxed decision in spring when there will be a second season of" Queen of Drags ". Anyone can speculate about the composition of the jury. The truth is that ProSieben does not take the second step before the first," reveals program director Christoph In any case, we are curious to see what changes there will be in season two and whether Heidi and Co. will be able to raise the quotas again.

Heidi Klum – Facts and Figures

  • Heidi Klum is one of the most successful models worldwide.

  • Heidi Klum has been a juror for the show "Germanys Next Top Model" since 2006.

  • She became famous in 1992 through the casting show "Model ยด92", which ran on RTL at the time.

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