Heil over short-time work regulation: “Could extend help at any time”

Heil over short-time work regulation
“Could extend help at any time”

In June, the federal government last extended the simplified access to short-time work allowance for companies. Should a new corona wave with serious restrictions build up in the next few weeks, Minister of Labor Heil would “not hesitate for a second” to expand the support.

For Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil, an extension of the simplified access to short-time allowance is an option in the event of another significant burden on the economy from the Corona crisis. “I would not hesitate for a second to extend the short-time working beyond September if there should be economic difficulties again due to a fourth wave,” said the SPD politician of “Welt am Sonntag”. Short-time work saved millions of jobs in the Corona crisis.

“We could extend the aid at any time by prescription,” said Heil. “At the moment, however, that is not on the agenda, because luckily the economy and the situation on the labor market are developing very positively.”

The federal government last extended the simplified access to short-time allowance in June. Companies that introduce short-time work by September 30th can continue to make use of the simplified access conditions. A company can therefore register short-time work if at least ten percent of employees are affected by the loss of work; usually 30 percent. Minus hours do not have to be built up before short-time work allowance is granted. Temporary workers can also receive short-time work benefits.

Heil also called on people to get vaccinated. However, he rejects compulsory vaccination in certain professions, and the minister does not believe in the idea of ​​making tests subject to charges in the future. “Everyone should have the opportunity to be tested quickly and unbureaucratically – also and especially in companies, because this is about the health protection of employees,” Heil told the newspaper. In addition, he spoke out in favor of a legal right to training periods and a nationwide training law.