Helene Fischer: Nasty attack against the singer


Helene Fischer (35) is extremely popular, her fans are eagerly waiting for the singer to finally go on tour again. But while Helene is currently limited to private concerts for companies and it has become quite quiet, another celebrity likes to go on tour and uses the popularity of Helene Fischer to make very bad jokes at her expense.

Atze Schröder etches against Helene Fischer

As the HNA reports, the comedian Atze Schröder etched violently against Helene Fischer on his current tour entitled "Real Feelings". Not only does it affect her, the comedian makes violent sayings against other celebrities, but the saying about Helene Fischer is clearly below the belt. According to Atze Schröder, on stage, the famous singer is "slutty but with level". What a nasty saying.

Criticism for latex outfit

It is not the first time that Helene Fischer has been criticized for her stage outfits. The singer likes to appear scantily clad in performances, often using skimpy bodysuits, short dresses and deep necklines. Last summer she received some negative comments on a latex outfit that she wore during a performance in Hamburg.

The ZDF presenter Maya Weber found this outfit so wrong that she commented publicly on Twitter: “Doesn't a 'superstar' like Helene Fischer, who really doesn't have to worry about fan connection, find any other visual language for the many women on stage than the latex leather mesh fashion of the Reeperbahn? Or did the red light district in Amsterdam inspire? "

In private, by the way, Helene Fischer is more into relaxed outfits. How casual she likes to run around in her free time, she once revealed in "Betting, that's it …?" in conversation with Frank Elstner. Then she said: "Most of the time I wear jeans, some T-shirt. And if I say after a few weeks, but now I've worn enough sweaters, jeans and sneakers, then I also wear high shoes. " Sounds wonderfully normal!

Sources used: hna.de