Here are the best children’s books, according to literary critics, to give at Christmas with your eyes closed

Do you want to give a child a book for Christmas but don’t know which one to choose? Pros gave their favorites of the year, in comics and novels for teenagers.

Certainly, children are very inspired to make their Christmas list and know what they want under the tree. But why not surprise them with a good book? To be sure of your choice, you have to trust the pros. We already had the list of 11 favorite toys for little ones this year (and an alert on the product recall of a stuffed toy), here is the best children’s books to offer in 2023.

Parents’ budget remains substantial for gifts for toddlers, despite inflation. And for fun, you can also try reading, one of their favorite activities. Started this Wednesday, November 29, the Montreuil Book and Youth Press Fair has revealed the list of its “nuggets”, its favorites according to different categories (illustrated book, junior fiction, comic strip, teen fiction) and its golden nugget.

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Children’s books at Christmas: recommended nuggets

To inspire you at Christmas shopping time, whether for your child, grandchild, nephew or cousin, discover the winners of the nuggets from the Seine-Saint-Denis youth fair, a true reference in the field. In partnership with Place des libraires, the event rewarded nugget illustrated book Butterflies in the night by Olivier Ka and Christophe Alline, published by Les Grandes Personnes. A book full of poetry “to forever ward off the fear of the dark”.

Side comic nuggetthe work Without panic by Colline Hégron, published by Editions Delcourt, is the winner. It follows the survivor of an accident on an island whose population is apathetic. To save the family who took her in from an approaching meteorite, she tries to wake them from their torpor. A graphic novel about ecology.

The junior fiction nugget was attributed to Ottoline and the monster vet by Yann Apperry and Laurent Gapaillard, at PKJ. The extraordinary fantasy adventure has as its heroine a young girl who finds a strange creature and meets a doctor specializing in monsters. The teen fiction nugget is it given to Oxcean by Nicolas Michel, published by Talents Hauts. In 2100, in an underwater city, a fierce competition takes place between scale bearers. A novel of anticipation about the resistance.

And the golden nugget of this 2023 edition is We will go through storms by Anne-Laure Bondoux, at Gallimard Jeunesse. A jury of literary critics rewarded this exciting new family saga: “four generations haunted by secrets and ghosts”. Safe values ​​therefore, on which you can base yourself to please the children and teenagers around you this Christmas 2023.

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