here is the most rejuvenating brown color of all after 60, according to a hairdresser

Do you want to get back your brown hair from before now that you are in your sixties and have gray hair? Here’s the most rejuvenating way to do it according to an expert colorist, who reveals the best brown coloring for women aged 60 and over (and those to avoid).

Color your hair at 60 and more, is often a way to rejuvenate yourself thanks to your haircut without having to go through a radical hair transformation. With a rejuvenating hair color, in fact, you won’t necessarily need to wear the best cut for a “youthful look” effect! But be careful, certain hair colors can become “memerizing” at this age.

This is particularly the case for uniform hair colors from root to tip, but also and above all fortoo dark tonesaccording to Thomas Tuccinardi, expert colorist International of L’Oréal Paris, who revealed to us all the tips to really achieve you rejuvenate with your coloring after 60 years. The expert specifies that, however, “many brunettes want to stay brown” and regain the very dark brown color of their hair before at this age. A very common coloring error after 60 yearswhich he saves us from doing, by revealing to us all the secrets of best brown color to adopt at 60 and over in interview.

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Coloring after 60: these “memerizing” brown colors to avoid

You will certainly have understood, exit the darkest brown colors like raven black coloring or the ebony brown color after 60 years, they are not the most flattering when the facial features are marked.

As the hairdresser and color expert explains, these are shades of brown coloring “which hardens the features”thus emphasizing wrinkles and signs of fatigue which are more present in the eyes.

Hairstyle after 60: the mistake not to make if you want to have brown hair

These choices of dark brown coloring, which tend to age the face, also have another definite disadvantage: they are also more difficult to maintain when the hair grows back over the weeks.

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“If you have a lot of white hair, coloring shades that are too dark may require maintenance every month”warns hairdresser Thomas Tuccinardi, who explains that when you are going to wear this type of dark coloring “the roots that will cut” radically as soon as the hair grows.

Hairstyle after 60: this brown coloring is the most rejuvenating of all

As the International colorist expert from L’Oréal Paris revealed to us, if you want to stay brunette after 60, you absolutely must adapt the shade of brown of your coloring to your age by opting for softer shades of brown. Thomas Tuccinardi is clear: there is no question of aiming for a dark brown, “you should stick to brown to dark brown shades and avoid darker shades” so that the brown coloring does not dull the radiance of your mature skin and even manages to soften the expression of your face.

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Depending on the proportion of white hair you have in your hair, you can adapt the coloring technique to your specific needs, the hairdresser also specifies. If you don’t have a lot of gray hair, you can “do a tone-on-tone coloring at the roots only and make a gloss on the lengths”, he explains. If your hair has whitened well, you will be able to cover 100% of your white hair “by favoring permanent coloring” for an optimal rejuvenating effect.

Brown coloring after 60: the hairdresser’s tip for ultra-rejuvenating brown color

Although your preference is certainly for the darkest brown hair possible if you are reading this article, you should also know that adding nuance to your brown coloring is the best idea to soften the features of your face as much as possible and illuminate your mature skin.

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This is why the hairdresser also suggests toning your light to dark brown hair, then realizing, “a balayage to lighten the lengths and give dimension and depth to the color” Brown. A good idea to keep in mind for your next visit to the hairdresser.

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