Here it all begins: hospitalized, Carla fears the worst for her baby!

Next week in Here it all begins, the first-year student’s pregnancy takes, once again, an unexpected and worrying turn.

Warning, this article contains spoilers about the sequel to Here It All Begins.

Carla falls from (very) high. This is what we learn in the unpublished extract from the episode of Here it all begins from this Wednesday, December 13revealed in advance by TF1.

Carla already feels ready to return to the Institute

Indeed, in this scene, we find Carla (Aaricia Lemaire) in a hospital bed, with Bérénice (Bérénice Tannenberg) and Souleymane (Dembo Camilo) at her bedside. True to form, Carla complains to her two faithful friends, in this case about the fact that she is bored in this hospital room.

Bérénice prefers to look on the bright side: if Carla is in the mood to complain, it’s because she’s doing better. The young woman confirms. She is even confident about her chances of being able to leave the hospital quickly. Carla reminds them that the last time she had bleeding, the doctor told her that it’s nothing serious and that she just needs to take care of herself.

The check-up ultrasound did not go as planned at all!

Suddenly, the doctor responsible for Carla’s follow-up joins them in the room. Bérénice and Souleymane then leave them alone, so that they can ensure that Carla’s baby is doing well by carrying out the check-up ultrasound before leaving the hospital.

Once face-to-face, the young woman’s sudden change of outlook makes us understand that if she has given up the lie in front of her friends, she is, in reality, not so serene as that.

The doctor starts the ultrasound. Very quickly, her gaze freezes and she freezes. The doctor then turns to Carla, looking serious. Without a word, Carla instantly burst into tears. She understands that the doctor can no longer hear her baby’s heart beating. Carla appears to have had a miscarriage.

But what happened? Is this indeed a natural termination of pregnancy? Was it caused by the stress of Carla’s search for her birth parents? Is Carla’s baby still alive but in a worrying state of health? Was Carla’s bleeding, in reality, the sign of a serious pathology that the medical team missed? The rest of Carla’s pregnancy can be discovered in Here it all begins, Monday to Friday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1!

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