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Looking for a home remedy to get rid of the flies and midges that swarm around your fruit basket? Here are some effective solutions.

Along with spiders and mosquitoes, fruit flies are probably some of the most unpopular roommates in a home. A banana peel lying around in the trash a little too long, a ripe melon on the counter, plums and grapes stored in a basket … and an army of flies and gnats invade the space and annoy us at the highest point. To get rid of fruit flies quickly, many people resort to commercially purchased traps made with chemicals.

But you can save money and go for more environmentally friendly solutions as there are many home remedies for fruit flies. And these solutions work at least as well as those sold in stores or online. You can make effective fruit fly traps yourself with just a few ingredients and simple steps. Here’s how to do it!

Home remedy for fruit flies: vinegar as a secret weapon

Fruit flies are also called “vinegar flies” and this name is no coincidence. Because in addition to overripe or rotten fruit, fruit flies are particularly attracted by the smell of vinegar. You can take advantage of their love for this nectar and use it as a home remedy for fruit flies.

Make your own homemade fruit fly trap

You can easily make a fruit fly trap yourself with vinegar.

You need to :

  • vinegar
  • a sip of fruit juice
  • dishwashing liquid
  • plastic film
  • an elastic
  • a glass

The steps to create your trap:

1. Put a little vinegar in a glass (fruit flies especially like apple cider vinegar, white wine and balsamic vinegar)
2. Add a sip of fruit juice then add a drop of detergent
3. Stretch a small piece of cling film over the glass and secure the film stretched with a rubber band around the glass.
4. Drill holes in the stretched film with a fork.
5. Put the homemade fruit fly trap on your countertop

The best tips for getting rid of flies (in general)

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