Here’s the Best Rejuvenating Cut for Fine, Thinning Hair, According to a Hairstylist

With age, hair becomes thinner and the lack of density often becomes more visible on certain areas of the scalp. Which haircut is most appropriate to camouflage it while rejuvenating the face? A hairdresser reveals the most flattering one for a “rejuvenating” effect.

After 60 years, haircuts must no longer only enhance the type of hair and deal with a possible lack of volume in the case of fine hair. Often, hair loss resulting from menopause has left its mark and thin hair also became sparse. The haircut must then take this new reality into account to enhance both the hair and the face whose oval is less clear than before.

Of course, we can rely on the coloring that best boosts the volume of fine and thinning hair rather than the most rejuvenating hair color of all after 60 to camouflage hair loss, but if several volumizing haircuts exist , not all are equal to compensate and give an impression of density. Should you cut your hair short? Is it better to adopt the best bob with bangs to rejuvenate the face after 60? We asked the question to Rémi Billaud, hairdresser and training manager at Franck Provost, who revealed to us the ideal hair length to adopt after 60 when you have fine and thinning hair. According to the expert, there is nothing better than having the short hair and adopt a voluminous pixie cut to restore volume to your hair, while rejuvenating your face.

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Fine and thinning hair after 60: where is the loss of density located?

In women, this hair loss is mainly located on the top of the head, “at the level of the median axis of the skull where the hair becomes progressively finer, more sparse and the scalp visible”as hair health expert René Furterer reminds us.

But the temples are also another area that is often very affected by loss of density in our sixties and older. Areas which are therefore very visible, and which require the dexterity of hairdressers to achieve a denser and more youthful appearance.

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Hairstyle after 60: here is the best rejuvenating haircut to boost the volume of fine and thinning hair

As the hairdresser and training manager at Franck Provost explains, the short voluminous pixie cut is a hairstyle that is structured by “very short on the sides and back, with more length and volume on top”.

In addition to playing with different hair lengths to draw attention away from thinning areas and create an impression of density in the hair by adding volume, this short cut is also ideal for rejuvenating all faces, whatever their shape. Rémi Billaud explains, in fact, that the voluminous pixie is a look that fits most”, especially because you can adapt the styling to the shape of the face. Let’s not forget to also mention that it’s a short cut with bangs, a super flattering detail after 60, because it camouflages the most marked facial wrinkles seemingly insignificantly.

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Hairstyle after 60: how to style a pixie cut to give volume to fine and thinning hair?

Adopting the best cut for fine and thinning hair at age 60 and over is not enough to obtain a volume booster effect if you don’t know how to style it well. As the hairdresser points out, it is essential “use root densifying powders or sprays” when you style your hair every day.

These styling products are essential to avoid falling into the “memerizing” effect that impeccable blow-drying on short hair could have. They will both increase the volumizing effect of the cut “for an illusion of increased density” according to the expert, but this greater volume boosted by styling will also and above all “draw attention away from sparse areas”.

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