Hilary Duff explains why her 9-year-old son attended her birth

In the Informed Pregnancy podcast, the actress opened up about her decision to let her eldest son attend her home birth.

His decision had surprised some. On March 24, Hilary Duff gave birth to her third child, a baby girl named Mae. To announce the news, she posted on her Instagram account a beautiful photo of her birth at home, in the water, surrounded by her own. Among them, her husband, her second daughter Banks and her eldest son, Luca.

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Invited in the Informed Pregnancy podcast, the legendary interpreter of Lizzie McGuire wanted to explain his choice. “It was pretty important to me because I’m so very open and honest with him (his son: nldr) about the strength of women and what childbirth is like. “ For her, including Luca in this event was essential, especially since she makes it a point of honor to educate him on all female physiological aspects.

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No difference between his children

Some parents of boys choose not to inform them of all the specific bodily features of women. For Hilary Duff, there is no question of making a distinction between her children of different sexes or of ignoring the existence of natural phenomena. “He knows all about periods and it is important for me to normalize this conversation with him for all the women who are going to share his life., she explained, before revealing more about the deep meaning of her vision of things. I want the day he’s ready to have a baby with his partner or his wife or whatever, he can respect the way she wants to be able to have a baby, and if it’s at home, it can be at home, if it is in a hospital, it will be a hospital. ” While her decision may shock some people, remember that the way a woman’s childbirth goes remains HIS decision.

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Involving your children is also a very personal choice, to be taken with the whole family, including the child himself. It is above all necessary to discuss it with him and especially not to force him if he does not wish to take part in it. In addition, it is important to educate her throughout the pregnancy and inform her about the reality of childbirth, so that she is prepared for what she will see and hear. With kindness and gentleness, this event should run smoothly and forever bind all family members present.

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