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At 94, Line Renaud is godmother of the Association for the right to die with dignity and wanted to send a letter to French deputies.

“It is better to leave.” For several years now, Line Renaud has been committed so that everyone can freely choose one’s end of life. Since 2017, the actress is the godmother of the Association for the right to die with dignity. It is moreover a new message published on the Twitter account of the organization which relays the singer’s commitment.

“When there is no longer any quality of life, when you struggle, it is better to leave”assures Line Renaud, calling for a vote “a law of freedom”. Words that resume the fight of the 94-year-old former magazine leader. In letter addressed to certain deputies in April 2021, the singer shared her testimony. “Having lived free and dignified, I cannot imagine dying in chains and coercion. If our life belongs to us, it must absolutely be the same for our death”, she explained. A personal choice, the result of his intimate experience at the bedside of loved ones during their end of life.

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Line Renaud’s fight

“I lived that, I lived the death of Loulou”she explained on BFM-TV in April last year. Line Renaud remembers the last moments of the one who was her husband for 45 years. He died in 1995 from bone cancer. “He couldn’t take it anymore and was just asking to leave, but there was nothing I could do”, she says. She then loses her mother “in the same state”. Her fight, she leads it for herself and for others. “I don’t want this to happen to me”, she confided to BFM TV. In her letter dated April 2021, she also referred to the suffering of those who died of AIDSthe other great cause defended by the actress.

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