his touching farewell to the public during the Victoires de la Musique

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During the Victoires de la musique 2023, Friday February 10, Serge Lama said goodbye to the stage. Touching words, which did not leave the public indifferent…

The emotion was present, Friday, February 10, on the sidelines of the Music Awards 2023, broadcast live on France 2 and France Inter. During this evening hosted by Laury Thilleman – whose certain pronunciation faults annoyed Internet users –, Serge Lama gave a particularly touching speech. The artist, rewarded for all of his work, on the eve of his 80th birthday, made his farewell to the public.

A tribute which began with a cover of Serge Lama’s hits by Santa, the singer of the group Hyphen Hyphen, but also Élodie Frégé – who recently confided in her life after the star Academy – and Mentissa, a young artist from season 10 of The Voice. Alongside these three singers, Serge Lama was seated. Then, Calogero joined him to give him his honorary prize: the Victory of Honor.

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Serge Lama acclaimed by the public

Serge Lama – visibly moved – got up to deliver his speech during which he mentioned his state of health. “I am very moved, because this may be the last time […] that I see an audience cheering me standinghe confided. And it’s certainly the last time, since, you know, I stop the fees, my body can’t keep up anymore.” After recalling thathe did not want “sing while sitting”the artist recalled having “had a good life”which offered him the opportunity to exercise “the job [qu’il] wanted to do since I was 11″. Words that did not leave the public indifferent. As one man, this one acclaimed him.

A few days ago, Serge Lama gave an interview to the JDD during which he had already discussed his health problems and his refusal to be diminished on stage and forced to sing sitting down. The one whose 24th and last album To like came out last fall was said to be “very damaged physically”.

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Nearby JDDSerge Lama had however made it known that he had plans for the future : “Since the time publishers have offered it to me, it may be that I finally tell myself from the inside.” Wonderful news for fans of the singer and lyricist.

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