Horizon Call of the Mountain tells us more about its protagonist, Ryas

the PlayStation VR2 will be entitled to about thirty games to ensure a good launch, but sony mainly rely on Horizon Call of the Mountain to sell as many helmets as possible. Less than a month before its release, the spin-off is finally a little less mysterious thanks to a new PlayStation Blog post that focuses on the game’s universe as well as its protagonist.

A hero in search of redemption

Aloy is relegated to the background in Horizon Call of the Mountain since we will live this adventure through the eyes of Ryas, a character who was part of the shadow Carjas tribe, a clan made up of soldiers who swore loyalty to the tyrannical Demented Sun King Jiran, now deceased following a revolt. Ryas has realized his mistakes and is now seeking to avenge his honor with the new Sun King, as Ben McCaw, narrative director on the title, explains:

Ryas ended up on the wrong side for good reasons. His family was broken up, and he ended up in jail. This story tells how he tries to get out of it. ยป

Ryas is therefore an enduring and experienced warrior, who will however find it difficult to make teammates because of his past disorder. He will still be accompanied by Hami, a young woman who hates the shadow Carjas following the massacre of her relatives, and who will therefore follow Ryas reluctantly before getting to know him better.

As a reminder, Horizon Call of the Mountain will be available at the same time as PlayStation VR2, on February 22.

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