Horoscope: The full moon on July 24th gives wings to these zodiac signs

The full moon on July 24th gives wings to these zodiac signs

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Next Saturday the time has come again: A full moon is shining down on us. You can read here which zodiac sign the July full moon gives the most strength according to the horoscope.

From a scientific point of view, there is no clear evidence that we sleep worse when the moon is full. However, many people have the feeling that this is the case. Whether it is the power of the full moon phase or the bright disc in the night sky that some people see through their bedroom window cannot be answered with certainty. But most of them will probably be able to find at least one person in their circle of acquaintances who – in their opinion – does not sleep as well as usual when the moon is full.

This month the full moon phase falls on a Saturday. So at least many people can lie down a little longer, should the moon have cost them sleep during the night. On July 24th in the early hours of the morning our Trabant reaches the point where, from our point of view, it is exactly opposite the sun and the earth hovers between the moon and the sun. In this constellation we see its full, sunlit side and it appears to us particularly bright and round. This time the earth’s satellite is in the zodiac sign Aquarius during the full moon phase.

In Central Europe or Germany, the July full moon is traditionally called the hay moon, as the hay harvest usually took place or was just completed in this month. The Algonquin, an indigenous people of North America, baptized the full moon in July buck moon (Bockmond), namely after the deer, whose male representatives usually grew new antlers in midsummer.

According to the horoscope, the full moon on Saturday has a particularly positive effect on the following zodiac signs.

Horoscope: The full moon on July 24th gives wings to these zodiac signs


Aquarians feel energetic and optimistic during this full moon phase. You now look to the future with hope, the present with joy and gratitude, and the past with pride and satisfaction. The best prerequisites for being happy and reacting confidently to challenges.


The buck moon encourages Gemini to become active and turn ideas into reality. On the one hand, this means that you now have a lot of fun with sport and exercise, do you good and get you mentally moving. On the other hand, you are extremely pragmatic and can now put plans into action quickly and promisingly.


Libra feel particularly self-determined and effective during this full moon phase. You realize how much freedom you have in your life and that your decisions are important for you as well as for other people. This knowledge motivates you and lets passion and enthusiasm arise in you, which you can use directly in people and activities that are important to you.

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