Horoscope: These zodiac signs are like April

These zodiac signs are like April

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April 6, 2021

These zodiac signs are like April

In our minds, winter is long over, the clocks are already showing summer time and it’s officially spring – and then suddenly you find yourself in a blizzard in a denim jacket and sandals. Something like this is typical of April, which is not called for nothing that it does what it wants (and not necessarily what it should …). April is practically the rebel among the months, unpredictable and multifaceted. And now between us: Doesn’t that remind you of the following zodiac signs …?


With crabs, the mood can change just as quickly and violently as the weather in April. From sunshine to hailstorm without seeing a cloud approaching. The watermark reacts to the finest signals that many other people do not even notice. Therefore, for some, his mood swings come as a surprise and completely unexpected. Because Cancers are extremely versatile and profound, they never get boring or monotonous. With one cancer, no two days are the same – just like in April.


Winter, summer, spring, autumn? April can imitate virtually any season – and a scorpion can slip into almost any role. The watermark has so many different faces and is so changeable that it is incredibly difficult to classify. Whether self-confident and setting the tone, empathetic and supportive or passionate and hands-on, Scorpios can be anything, and even without pretending to be. It’s in the nature of the Scorpio to have several authentic faces, and that’s one of the reasons why we love it – similar to April.


Above all, Sagittarius has what is said about April in common: They do what they want. The fire sign has a hard time following rules and instructions because it quickly makes them feel like they’re a prisoner. Even if the Sagittarius actually wants to do something that he should do, the mere fact that he should do it can diminish his will to actually do it – psychologically certainly interesting, but illuminating it more closely would at this point Lead far … The bottom line here is that the pronounced love of freedom and individual will of the Sagittarius typically make him as unpredictable as April.