Horoscope: This nail polish color is ideal for your zodiac sign

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This nail polish color matches your zodiac sign

Get to the colors: For each zodiac sign there are nuances that make their essence shine.

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Horoscope: The perfect manicure has long been part of our weekly beauty routine. But instead of randomly reaching for the next color, we’ll tell you which nail polish suits you and your zodiac sign best.

Nude, neon color, French, glitter or colorful: the possibilities for perfectly showcasing our nails are truly endless. But instead of just blindly reaching for the next color, it’s worth taking a closer look at which color really suits me and my type.

why this Zodiac sign plays an essential role? Zodiac signs can be very revealing when it comes to character, nature and style. If you wear the colors that suit you, you can not only positively influence your external perception, but you will also immediately feel better. Just try it!

According to the horoscope: This nail polish color suits you


For you, no mountain is too high and no path is too long: your disciplined nature will take you to almost any goal you set your mind to. And you have big plans for this year too. But always remember: even the detours will get you to your destination. Otherwise you shouldn’t be too strict with yourself and always listen to yourself and your inner voice. What could help you? A silver-colored nail polish that reminds you to stop and listen to yourself every now and then. This way you will definitely not lose your sparkle!


When it comes to fashion and beauty, you love things unconventional and individualistic. You don’t say no to new trends, but you would never copy them one-to-one. You’d much rather refine it with your own touch – because you’re anything but mainstream. Then why not try something new when it comes to nail polish? We recommend the bright color coral. However, instead of painting all ten fingers in the same color, choose the color white on the two ring fingers – this creates a nice contrast and is anything but monotonous.


Are you born under the zodiac sign Pisces? Then your element is water! You like to be dazzling and imaginative and don’t shy away from sequins, bright colors or unusual fabrics when the occasion is right. So that your outfit doesn’t steal the show, the best thing for you is pearl-colored nail polish, which adapts wonderfully to any look. Inspired by the shimmer of a pearl, it suits you and your personality perfectly.


The stylish center of every party? That’s you! As an extroverted fashionista, you love anything with a wow factor. Whether it’s a floor-length dress with a hint of a train or a statement sweater in neon yellow – you’ll find it all in your wardrobe. And when it comes to nails, you also like things to be eye-catching. Always make sure you use a high-quality base coat, as this is the only way to avoid unsightly discoloration on the nail. As a zodiac sign of the fire element, you should choose shades of red, such as crimson.


It’s rare for you to make bad or frustrating purchases. You know what suits you and don’t let emotions guide you when shopping. When it comes to beauty, you prefer things simple and natural and stay true to your type. This also goes wonderfully with your earth element. And on the nails? It’s best to choose a taupe tone. It perfectly reflects your warm-hearted, down-to-earth and calm nature.


Gemini is a very social creature. With your communicative and outgoing nature, you can quickly strike up conversations with strangers and are blessed with a large circle of friends. And Gemini’s life is otherwise rather lively and turbulent. To match this adventurous life, we recommend the color orange. Because orange stands for a glow that can flare up again at any time: lively, iridescent, mobile and lively.


Your reserved, gentle and rather sensitive nature is also reflected in your wardrobe: you prefer nude, cream and pastel tones. And they look wonderful on you too! In order to stay true to your type when it comes to manicure, we recommend a soft pink for your nails. It makes your feminine side shine wonderfully.


You know exactly what suits you and how you can showcase your assets perfectly. But what good is a sense of fashionable style if you can’t present it? You don’t have to worry about that. With your self-confident nature, you would transform even a faded hoodie into an it-piece. For your nails, we recommend a subtle light blue tone that harmonizes perfectly with your strong and vital traits as well as your self-confident clothing style. Because when it comes to nail polish, less is often more for Leos.


Just throwing something on quickly is out of the question for you as a virgin. You like to think about your outfit combinations several times and prefer to have them ready the evening before. Preparation is the be-all and end-all! You are very conscientious and structured – and therefore not only a great team player, but also a reliable friend. And what about nail polish? French nails are just perfect for you. If anyone can nail the nail tip accurately in white, it’s definitely you!


In most cases, you go about your everyday life in a charming and balanced way. Whether with friends or at work: you will feel particularly comfortable in comfortable clothing made from high-quality fabrics that neither pinch nor constrict. You also like things to be uncomplicated on your nails and prefer a quick manicure without two or three layers of polish. Our recommendation: A light, opaque shade of brown! You always do well with this.


Scorpio is the most fascinating and enigmatic sign in the zodiac and so it is not surprising that Scorpio people are often difficult to understand. On the one hand, they are described as very passionate, but they can also be analytical and uncompromising. Our recommendation: Dark burgundy and berry tones are the perfect mix of bold statement and sensuality for you.


You live by the motto “The Sky is the Limit”. You need challenges and like to venture out of your comfort zone. And when it comes to fashion and make-up, you’re always trying out new styles and looks, otherwise you’ll quickly get bored. Our tip: You’re an eye-catcher with a shimmering gold tone on your nails – you should wear gold more often from now on!


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