Horoscope: This will be your weekend from February 7th to 9th


Full moon on Sunday, wild discharge of cosmic tensions under Mars-Saturn and half-time in the Aquarian season. How will that affect your weekend? Let us now reveal!

Horoscope: Your weekend from February 7th to 9th, 2020


Ibex currently feel a strong inner restlessness, but not a motivating, driving one, but one of the unpleasant kind: Not being able to sleep, being dissatisfied, feeling like you can't do enough … don't worry about it, because at the weekend you have to do it don't work! Make sure you have a balanced diet, take a nice walk and just take care of yourself – then you will find your way back to rest the quickest.



Aquarians are excited and full of energy – in a positive sense! The weekend is particularly good for letting yourself live creatively, because the events of the past few days have inspired and enriched you tremendously. Do you have to write afterwards? Redesign your apartment? To paint? Whatever you feel like, try it and give to you a chance. Perhaps this is your first step towards realizing a big dream.


Fish currently feel extremely balanced and at rest. They don't sleep very well on weekends, but they sleep deeper and calmer. At the same time, the watermark is not lacking in zest for action. You are active, but act sustainably and carefully. Just don't let others get you off the ground and please don't start comparing yourself! Mindfulness is the order of the day and you do it just right.


Aries feel a little lost at the weekend … His own goals, of which the fire sign is always so sure, seem to him to be extremely doubtful at the moment and sometimes even incomprehensible. Well-intentioned advice: Grab a good friend, let yourself be distracted by this person and don't think too much. Your insecurity is not because of you this time – but because of the stars.


The planets are shouting "wellness" towards the bull this weekend. The week was productive and successful, the motivation is now exhausted and the ability to relax all the more pronounced. Resistance futile: just treat yourself to relaxation, you really deserve it.


Twins don't really get much baked at the weekend, but they don't take it too hard either. That's right! There are more productive and less productive phases in life. Stay cool, don't let anyone stress you out and see it with humor. Next weekend you will see things much clearer again.


Crabs are sensitive at the weekend and "built close to the water", as the saying goes. How good that you are familiar with mood swings and emotional holes … sleep well, have breakfast in peace, go out for a few hours and surround yourself with sensitive, loving people. You will see: Nobody wants something bad for you.


Lions currently feel alien and under pressure and at the weekend these feelings explode explosively. Quarrel, aggression, hard words – you know no mercy right now and are inclined to strike wildly. Be careful not to hurt people who haven't done anything to you and just want your best … In case of doubt, take some space for yourself and ask them to stay away. Whoever loves and understands you will grant it to you.


With the Jungfrau, the worm is just in there. The upcoming full moon makes the earth sign nervous and restless. Your performance suffers as well as your fellow human beings. You feel betrayed, treated unfairly and not sufficiently valued. To clear up misunderstandings, honest, clear words are definitely more appropriate than snappy comments and insulted silence …


Scales currently hardly know what to do first! So many ideas, so many projects that make them curious. It may make sense to use this weekend to sort you. You don't have to do that alone. Meet up with people who understand you and tell them what's going on inside you. Perhaps this will help you clarify your priorities for you.


Scorpions currently have a strong need for confirmation and appreciation – which is not a problem because there are enough people from whom they can get it! Do something with friends or pretzel up a bit and go dancing. This weekend, the best way to boost your confidence is by going out with people!


Shooters are relatively easily irritable and sensitive at the moment because they are going through major changes. Inside, it's constantly going back and forth between "this is going to be great!" and "I don't like that at all …". Fortunately, you already know that changes are part of life and primarily offer opportunities – now you just have to feel it. What can particularly help you this weekend: Take as little as possible and follow your inner voice and your spontaneous impulse. And? How does it feel, this freedom …?

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