Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from February 22nd to 28th

Those are the lucky ones of the week from February 22nd to 28th

Good mood and warmer weather: the week from February 22nd will be damn good for these zodiac signs


It's that time of year again: the last week of February lies ahead of us. Here we reveal which zodiac signs that will be particularly beautiful according to the horoscope.

A waxing moon, no more retrograde Mercury, fishing season and the end of the calendar winter – in the week of February 22nd to 28th there is a smell of relaxation and hope. In fact, a time now seems to be beginning in which we can all take a deep breath and slowly regain our strength. According to the horoscope, the following three zodiac signs can expect a few very happy days, especially in this last week of February.

Horoscope: These are the lucky ones of the week from February 22nd to 28th


Jupiter in Aquarius – this can only be a good week for you! You feel fit and motivated, your physical and mental self-healing powers are now impressive. As always, the ideas are bubbling up in your head – but for a change you are now also able to convey them to others and inspire your fellow human beings. Luckily, because your feeling for trends and zeitgeist is excellent right now! You’re also doing great on a social level, communication planet Merkur supports in-depth conversations. You feel closer to your loved ones than rarely.


The sun is now in your sign – you actually feel it inside and out and that is anything but natural (ask Aquarius how his birthday season went for him …). Mars and the sun give you an extra helping of good mood, you almost jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to what lies ahead. Rightly so, because you are doing great both professionally and in terms of relationships. In the interpersonal area, harmony and sympathy dominate, closeness, solidarity and teamwork are the keywords of your week.


Aries manage to bring everything under one roof this week in an almost miraculous way and to dance at several weddings at the same time – to the beat and with a grace that nobody will imitate them anytime soon. In your private relationships you are there for your loved ones and act as an important support and strengthening. In love it smells of romance and tingling. At work, you gain self-confidence and find the courage to take risks and leave your comfort zone. Small spoiler: it will be rewarded! You treat yourself very carefully in your free time. Eating healthy, neither too little nor too much exercise and moments of rest and relaxation keep your energy level at a high level.

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