Horoscope: Your zodiac sign reveals what your sore spot is

We all know the myth of the hero Achilles: He was largely invulnerable, only those who caught him on his heel could harm him. Now we are (luckily) not nearly as invulnerable as Achilles, after all we have no nymph for our mother. But a so-called Achilles heel or tendon, i.e. a point at which we can be hit particularly nasty, we usually still have on top of our general, amiable vulnerability. And with every person this point is in a different place.

While some can't cope with rejection, others can't get over it when they disappoint themselves. For some it is almost unbearable to have to bend to the decisions of others, while others are most tormented by not being able to help their fellow human beings. We all get on with different things differently well (or badly), and with some we have to learn to come to terms with some of our lives. Interestingly enough, our sore point is often related to our greatest strength … What, according to the horoscope, is the particularly vulnerable point of the individual zodiac signs, what corresponds to their very special Achilles tendon, you can find out in our gallery.

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