Horrible clinic costs expected: Statutory health insurance physicians demand additional payment for unvaccinated persons

Horrific clinic costs expected
Statutory health insurance physicians demand co-payment for those who have not been vaccinated

The pandemic is tearing huge holes in the finances of health insurers. In order to relieve the insured, the federal government is assuming additional billions. The KV Berlin, however, expects horrific costs that unvaccinated people in intensive care units cause. And suggests sharing the costs.

The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) Berlin is calling for a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people and a general obligation to vaccinate, as well as for unvaccinated people to be paid for hospital services. “The high proportion of people who have not yet been vaccinated will otherwise lead us into a catastrophe and overload our health system to a degree that we have not known before. We will not get any further here with mandatory vaccination alone,” he said KV board at noon.

The hospital patients should therefore be asked to pay a contribution or a surcharge on the health insurance contribution. “The income could benefit the nursing staff in the inpatient area and the medical assistants in the outpatient care”, so the KV Berlin. A consistent strategy in the fight against pandemics is necessary from politics in order to avert collateral damage to society, it said.

Federal government doubles grant for 2022

Because of the tense financial situation of the health insurance companies, the federal government had doubled its billions in subsidy for statutory health insurance (GKV) only last week: The Bundestag approved an ordinance on Thursday that would increase the subsidy by seven billion euros to a total of 14 billion euros in 2022 increases. The GKV appraisers had calculated the additional financial requirements in October.

Together with the originally planned grant of 14.5 billion euros, the federal government will pay the health fund a total of 28.5 billion euros in the coming year. The financial requirements of the health insurers increased due to the corona pandemic. The main aim of the federal government’s grant is to prevent the additional health insurance contributions for those insured, which are determined by the health insurances, from rising further. With the financial injection, the average additional contribution should be kept at 1.3 percent.

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