Hostage-taking in Dresden ended – hostages unharmed

DThe hostage-taking in Dresden is over. The perpetrator was caught and seriously injured, the police said on Saturday. A police spokesman told the German Press Agency that he was currently not able to be heard. It was initially unclear whether the man injured himself or was injured during the arrest.

According to the police, two hostages – an employee and a child – remained unharmed.

According to a police spokesman, the alleged perpetrator is very conspicuous in his mental behavior. “We are most likely assuming a mental illness.”

The hostages, an employee and a child, appeared unharmed. At around 7:20 a.m., the police in Dresden-Prohlis found a dead woman in an apartment building.

The homicide is related to the operation in downtown Dresden, the police said. The suspect is the woman’s 40-year-old son.

He then holed up in the Altmarkt gallery. The police evacuated the mall and adjacent areas. Several people were accommodated in a bus of the Dresden transport company and were cared for there. The famous Striezelmarkt should also remain closed for the time being.

The police asked because of the kidnapping to avoid downtown Dresden. The area around the Altmarkt-Galerie is cordoned off.

Due to the police operation, there are still traffic restrictions. The local public transport of the Dresden transport company is also affected.

The Altmarkt-Galerie is a shopping center in downtown Dresden. It is named after Dresden’s Altmarkt, where the building is located.

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