Hotspot Mallorca? That’s really how things are on the island right now

Dead pants instead of hotspot: Not because of “second Ischgl”: That’s how it really is on Mallorca

A Mallorca vacation as a pandemic driver? Trickest Incidence Numbers in the Balearic Islands? Little was left of Karl Lauterbach’s prognoses. Lawyer and Mallorca expert Dr. Marco Rogert now tells how it was really during his vacation on the island.

Do Mallorca travelers bring Corona, maybe even new virus mutations? In fact, the reality is different: the number of infections was not driven up by the vacationers, the “second Ischgl” over the Easter holidays did not materialize.

Mallorca vacation 2021 is very different

What excited German politicians about the Corona-tired Germans who, due to the lack of domestic alternatives, decided to travel there after Mallorca was removed from the list of risk areas. One could get the impression that the travelers would bring the devil with them personally in their return luggage.

In fact, the RKI had no choice but to remove Mallorca from the list of risk areas. The official numbers there no longer met the requirements for a different classification. The RKI itself admitted that the deletion from the list of risk areas was overdue.

Accusation of trickery with numbers remained without evidence

The well-known in Germany health economist Karl Lauterbach then went on a talk show to question the official figures of the Balearic Islands. However, he did not provide any evidence for this.

But which regulations apply in Mallorca? And is the picture of overcrowded beaches correct? I was there during the NRW Easter holidays. Due to a traffic light system, the following rules applied:

  • General mask requirement inside and outside, even when jogging, riding a motorcycle or visiting the beach
  • Extensive test options
  • Indoor catering closed, outdoor catering open until 5:00 p.m.
  • Opening of supermarkets for long periods of time, including on weekends, hand hygiene mandatory when entering shops
  • Opening of other stores with mandatory mask and hand hygiene
  • Contact restrictions in the private sector inside and outside
  • Digital traffic signs remind you of exit restrictions, mask requirements, etc.
  • Broad vaccination campaign

The corona rules on Mallorca: hard and comprehensive

The police (Guardia Civil, Policia Nacional, Policia Local) and the Public Order Office (ORA) impose hefty fines if violations are found, especially on shopkeepers.

The acceptance of the regulations in the cities appeared to be very high. According to a newspaper report in the “Mallorca” newspaper, however, it was not quite as pronounced in the villages.

Travel safely and hygienically by train. (Display)

Which regulations apply to arrival and departure? Registration of all travelers via digital entry form with QR code, entry only with a negative PCR test. Shortly after entering the airport, fever measurement, QR scan, PCR test collection. However, the tests only appeared to be randomly collected.

This is how the departure went

When leaving, however, there was only the requirement of a negative rapid test or PCR test. This has already been checked by the airline during handling at the airport in Mallorca. Since Mallorca is no longer a risk area, the digital entry form was omitted. After entering the country, you only received an SMS from the federal government, which referred to existing state regulations on quarantine and mandatory testing for travelers, although these were not relevant due to the lack of a risk area classification.

During my stay on site, the following figures applied to Mallorca on the one hand and to my place of residence in Düsseldorf:

  • 7-day incidence Mallorca: 29
  • 7-day incidence Düsseldorf: 100.7

Quarantine not traceable

The amazing thing: Despite the fact that our children were in a safer environment than if they had stayed at home, they had to be quarantined for 14 days, unlike their classmates who had stayed at home.

For more fun while traveling

From a legal point of view, this is incomprehensible. In general, quarantine orders are only permitted if there is a specific suspicion of infection based on the connecting facts established by the health department, which justifies the assumption of an increase in the risk of infecting other people. In fact, in our experience from many counseling interviews, such determinations do not take place. Quarantine orders are therefore usually illegal. There is a lot to suggest that these illegal orders lead to claims for pain and suffering. Our law firm is currently carrying out the first lawsuits for compensation for pain and suffering in the civil courts.


The image of the Mallorca vacation with Ballermann, beer and ham street is completely outdated. Full beaches, pubs and discos have been a thing of the past since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Mallorcans are apparently more successful in the pandemic strategy than we are in Germany. The excitement about the Germans who wanted to take a break on the island was unfounded and exaggerated. In general, the government of the Balearic Islands, under the leadership of the strict Francina Armengol, has committed itself to turning away from mass tourism towards high-quality and affordable adventure tourism. Armengol said: The “bucket-drinking” is over.

They could be immortalized in the “Iron Diner”

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