Household tip: Nine life hacks with aluminum foil

Household tip
Nine life hacks with aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can often be useful around the house.

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In the household you have to improvise every now and then. Aluminum foil can help in many places.

Aluminum foil is useful, for example, to cover food and keep it warm. The silver foil that almost everyone has at home can do a lot more. These life hacks show that it can be used in the home as well as in the bathroom.

As a replacement for a thermal mug

Hot drinks can be kept warm with aluminum foil. To do this, fill coffee or tea into a closable mug and wrap it with the foil. The Lifehack serves as a good replacement for those who have forgotten their thermal mug.

As a funnel

If you don't have a funnel, you can simply convert aluminum foil. To do this, cut the foil into a generous square, fold it into a triangle, cut off the lower tip and enlarge the hole with a wooden spoon – the DIY funnel for at home is ready.

As an abrasive

If the food burns in the pot, it is difficult to remove the remains. Typically, stainless steel drip cleaners are used. But if you don't have this at home, you can use aluminum foil instead. To do this, cut off a small piece and roughly crumple it up. The dirt dissolves so much more easily. A tip: soak the pot well beforehand with warm water and a little washing-up liquid.

As a splash guard

When cooking, and especially when frying in hot oil, splashes often land outside the pan. However, if you cover the other hotplates with aluminum foil beforehand, you will protect the device from grease stains. The film is heat-resistant enough for the hot temperatures that arise during cooking and frying. The tiled surface can also be well protected with aluminum foil.

As a suitable casserole dish

For small portions, aluminum foil can also be used as a baking dish. To do this, cut off an appropriate piece and form an edge so that nothing goes wrong when baking. Aluminum foil can do with the heat in the oven without any problems.

As a steamer

Not everyone has a steamer in their standard kitchen equipment. This is also not absolutely necessary: ​​A large piece of the silver foil fulfills the same purpose if it is shaped like a bowl and placed on the pot. Put the food to be cooked in the aluminum bowl and cover with the lid. This has the same effect as a steamer, but is much cheaper.

As insulation

If the house or apartment is poorly insulated, aluminum foil can reduce heat loss a little because it has an insulating effect. To do this, attach a large piece of foil with wallpaper paste behind the radiator. The film reflects the heat and saves up to four percent on heating costs, which corresponds to around 50 euros or 80 liters of heating oil depending on the total consumption.

As scratch protection

Cats often love to scratch the sofa they love. Aluminum foil can help because: The animals abhor the rustling noise. Simply place a large piece of foil on the affected area. The cat will quickly notice that it is downright uncomfortable for it to continue scratching here.

As a curling iron

Aluminum foil can also serve as a styling aid for those who have a straightening iron. To do this, wrap the hair strand by strand around your finger and place the curl in a piece of foil. Then fix the whole thing with the straightening iron. But be careful: if you use it too often, the hair can become brittle.