How about adopting the “healing girl summer” trend?


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Spend your summer refocusing on your inner self rather than showing off your “summer body”? It is the bet of the trend “healing girl summer” which is gaining ground on social networks.

Since 2019, the expression “hot girl summer” popularized by rapper Megan Thee Stallion is very present on social networks. It is all about having your best summer by reappropriating his body and shedding any complex. But this season, another slogan overshadows her on social networks: “the healing girl summer”.

The famous New York Times even devoted a long article to this trend on August 7th. This new philosophy requires that we put hedonism and appearance in the closet to refocus on your inner self. Self-care is therefore in the spotlight, especially on Instagram and TikTok where the hashtag is all the rage. To adopt it, here are some basic rules that range from reading personal development books to thinking about your past in love.

The “healing girl summer” means thinking about your health first

The “healing girl summer” consists first of all in taking care of her health, both physical and mental. the New York Times collects testimony from a 30-year-old Los Angeles-based content creator called Helena Honey Selassie. The latter has decided to take her overeating to “become an overall healthier version ” of itself.

Between two jogging sessions, she says : “I decided to take care of myself, to learn to love myself and to unlearn the behaviors that caused me stress and anxiety. “On TikTok, Helena shares her journey in a series of videos followed by more than 260,000 followers. She explains that she also ended an abusive relationship to form one much more serene.

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The “healing girl summer” is loving yourself before flirting at the beach

Many have decided to avoid dates since the pandemic. A bias which corresponds well to the “healing girl summer”. Rather than running around clubs and dating apps, this trendy social media philosophy is about learning to love yourself first. We no longer seek the validation of the other by posting galore photos of his “summer body”. Nor the approval of his friends, real or virtual.

But we rather ask ourselves what we are really looking for in a partner or a friend and we take the opportunity to analyze their love patterns. And who knows, between two masks for the face and a reading of the horoscope, we will perhaps meet at the turn of an aperitif on the terrace the one or the one that we need …

The “healing girl summer” is … traveling inside

With the “healing girl summer”, we forget the obsession with “Instagrammable” travel at all costs and selfies at the beach. The beautiful getaway is above all interior. This does not mean that we are going to be confined at home all summer. But some activities are more conducive to this state of mind than others. We will focus on reading, focusing on personal development books such as the phenomenon Burn After Writing. This book invites us to let go of social networks to list what we like, what we want as well as what marked us.

One can also indulge in more spiritual or physical hobbies. Under the hashtag “healing girl summer”, you will find as many images of women engaging in a yoga session as of a picnic on the beach, a meditation break, a nap under a palm tree or a print. Cards. Nothing is forbidden, therefore, on condition of reinventing oneself, of learning or quite simply, of letting go.

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