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Loss of autonomy has an impact on all aspects of everyday life. Shopping and cooking, carrying out daily hygiene procedures, going to the doctor, preparing medication, so many tasks which can become insurmountable. Various aids, both financial, human and material, exist to help seniors losing their autonomy and support them, as well as their loved ones, on a daily basis. But can these elderly people still have leisure time and go on vacation? Yes, but it requires being well organized!

Holidays for seniors losing their autonomy: what are the possible solutions?

There are different options for older people who want to go on vacation. The simplest and most complete solution is to use an organization specializing in this type of service, which will manage the trip from A to Z: transport, accommodation, daily care, activities. For example, you can contact the CCAS (communal social action center) closest to your home to find out what is in place locally.

Also think about the program Seniors on Vacation of the ANCV (National Agency for Holiday Checks) which offers all-inclusive stays (except transport) for the elderly. The advantage is that a reduction is possible for seniors whose income is limited, as well as total or partial withdrawal from retirement funds.

Finally, you can contact Secours Populaire, the Little Brothers of the Poor who organize stays for elderly people with limited resources. Please note, however, that these stays are not always suitable for seniors losing their independence.

The other solution is to turn to tourist establishments and places with the Tourism & Disability State Mark label. The latter meet specific accessibility and reception criteria: easy access to buildings, adapted toilets, personalized welcome, etc. These places are suitable for welcoming people with disabilities, but also for seniors losing their independence. You can consult the search engine available on the Tourisme et Handicap website to find the ideal accommodation.

Going on vacation with your family is possible!

There are also solutions for caregivers who want to go on vacation with a loved one but want to benefit from real time off. The person losing their autonomy will be cared for by professionals in a setting adapted to their difficulties. Many associations offer this type of stay, such as the France Alzheimer association with its Alzheimer’s respite holiday stays or the family respite holiday villages of the Family Respite Holidays association.


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