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Finding the perfect password is tricky. However, it is essential for the security of your digital data. If you want to create one yourself, remember that a password should be hard to guess. Avoid strings of letters or numbers like "ABCD" or "1234". Also forget the dates of birth of your family members. There is a tool that chooses passwords for you to effectively protect your internet life: the Password Generator.

As its name suggests, this site will randomly generate strong, long and unique passwords for free to drastically reduce the risk of hacking. It adapts to the requirements of applications and other sites to create special sesame using appropriate security technology.

A password generator works very simply. If you need to change yours to use Instagram for example, just go to the software. You will indicate the mandatory characteristics to him when creating the password on the social network (number of characters, presence of upper case, lower case…). Once the generator has all the necessary information, it provides you with a unique and above all impossible to decipher password.

Also consider using a password manager which comes in handy when using a generator. It is indeed difficult, if not impossible, to remember all of our randomly created access codes. They are a succession of complex letters and numbers that follow no logical sequence! This is why the manager makes a list of all your passwords and remembers them for you.

To easily find a generator, you just have to type "password generator" in your search engine. You will then find many sites that work similarly and for free. In addition, some browsers (such as Google Chrome) have this service automatically and spontaneously offer this generator tool as soon as you register on a site. Feel free to use them.

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