How to choose your foundation? All our tips!

The foundation is a must for successful makeup. However, in the middle of the almost inextricable jungle of products on the market, how to navigate? Find out here how to choose the foundation that will sublimate your face.

On the cosmetics market, there are all kinds, in all formats, for all skin types and in all shades: it’s not easy to get your hands on the ideal foundation. The goal: to find the product that will know target all your specifics and respond to all of your criteria in a single gesture. So what are the elements on which you should focus your attention? This is the question we answer in this article. You will understand: here, we help you see more clearly and give you the keys that will allow you to find your favorite foundation. To your notes!

How to choose the right foundation?

Step one: find the perfect shade

For good choose your foundation, the first rule is to respect 100% the natural color of the skin. The tone should be neither too dark nor too light, so as not to contrast with the skin tone of the neck. Watch out for an overdose of tanning or the wax doll effect! Tell us what your skin looks like, we’ll direct you to the perfect foundation tone for you.

On the same subject

  • Fair skin
    If your skin is fair, then the undertone of your complexion should determine your final choice (we will tell you more a little bit below), that’s why we will advise you initially to bet on a non foundation. only suitable for your skin color, but also with pinkish beige tones. Indeed, whatever the nature of your undertone, this shade will allow you to bring more freshness to your complexion. This is explained by the fact that this pretty hint of pink will adapt to your skin color as well if the latter is endowed with warm undertones, such as enhancing the radiance of your complexion if your skin is adorned with under-tones. cold tones.
  • Dark skin
    Generally speaking, dark skin will have to turn to more orange tones which warm up the complexion and prevent it from becoming dull. From apricot beige to golden beige, especially be careful not to choose a shade that is too light, otherwise your complexion will be gray. Watch out for unpleasant surprises, as the foundation tends to lighten when applied. We also advise against opting for a powdery foundation since it is the glowy effect that will best highlight your pretty satin complexion.
  • Black skin
    Here again, you will need to find a foundation that matches your skin tone and the good news is that today, makeup brands have greatly diversified their offer! If a few years ago it could be difficult for a person with black skin to find what they are looking for in the beauty market, this is no longer the case! All you have to do is choose the shade that best suits you. Here again, we recommend that you prefer fluid textures and especially not to bet on a shade that is too light. In general, black skin is advised to favor formulas enriched with black, red or orange pigments.

Did you know that its color is not all about the appearance of your skin? Indeed, to choose your foundation well, it is also essential to know the undertone of your skin tone. If your complexion is pink, bluish, or has red highlights, it means your undertone is cold. If, on the contrary, it draws more towards yellow, gold or orange, in this case, they are hot. To determine the undertone of your skin more precisely, you can rely on the color of your veins: the latter is similar to a blue / purple? No doubts: your undertones are cold. Conversely, it is closer to green / olive? Your undertones are warm. Knowing your undertone will not only allow you to choose a suitable shade of foundation, but also correct certain color problems in your complexion. For example, if it pulls a little too much towards pink, you can very well attenuate this effect by betting on a foundation with a slightly yellow undertone and vice versa!

  • Cold undertones
    If your undertone is cold, then you will need to turn to a foundation with pigments of the same tone (red or blue). To help you with this, know that professional makeup brands generally divide their range of skin tone products into different categories: C or Cool is the one you need to target, because it will be best suited to you.
  • Warm undertones
    Instead, opt for a foundation with yellow, gold or orange pigments if your undertones are warm. The range of foundations you should be interested in: W or Warm. You can then select a foundation containing a slight hint of pink that will subtly neutralize the yellow of your complexion (if you find the latter too pronounced).
  • Neutral undertones
    If you can’t identify with either of these two kinds of undertones, it may mean that yours is neutral. In this case too, there is a category made for you: N or Neutral. The good news is that with a complexion like yours, all shades can be worn without any false notes!

Beyond all these tips, in order to be absolutely sure that the color of a foundation suits you before buying it, we advise you to apply a small amount of product on your neck and observe the result in daylight, the right shade will be the one that will blend best with your skin.

Step two: find the right texture

Depending on whether you are looking to cover imperfections, mattify your skin or bring it naturalness and radiance, the choice of the texture of your foundation will be different. A quick overview of what is available to you today.

  • Fluid foundations
    Fluid foundations are perfect for a make-up natural. They make it possible to unify the complexion while transparency and lightness. There are two types of fluid foundations: moisturizing fluids, which offer a satin and luminous effect, and mattifying fluids., that reduce imperfections and provide a velvety, matte finish to makeup.
  • Foam foundations
    They are suitable for make-up natural and light and give the skin a velvety appearance. Slightly covering, their texture based on aerated powder gel is very easy to apply and offers a pleasant sensation to the skin, these products melt upon application.
  • Compact foundations
    Thicker and more covering, they are perfect for unifying the complexion, offer an impeccable and sophisticated velvety finish and are suitable for all people who want to hide imperfections or prefer a little more sustained makeup. There are two types of compact foundations: the cream compact, a bit satin and the powder compact, a two-in-one ideal for beautystas in a hurry. It offers a velvety peach-skin finish.
  • Stick foundations
    Practical and easy to use, these foundations come in the form of a stick to be applied directly to the face. To slip into the handbag, it allows you to make touch-ups at any time of the day.
  • Tinted creams
    Tinted cream is more discreet than foundation, but also less covering. It is an easy to use product, which allows to bring a touch of natural and delicate color to your skin. The tinted cream can also be used as a day cream, because it is enriched with moisturizing and treating substances.

Which foundation should I choose for my skin type?

While there is no shortage of texture options, not all of them are suitable for every skin type.

If you have itchy skin in summer and winter alike and reacts to the slightest aggression, opt for a foundation rich in moisturizing active ingredients to treat and with sun protection to prevent the appearance of redness. What is right for you? The compact cream foundation. Another possible option: CC cream (sensitive skin version of course !), which combines care and correction.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • Oily and combination skin
    Zone T that shines and cheeks that tighten, dilated pores, blackheads,… so many characteristics that recall oily and combination skin. What you need ? A foundation that ensures a uniform result throughout the day like a mattifying fluid foundation or a powder. Note that, even if you have oily skin, you should not neglect the hydration step (with a mattifying treatment) before applying the foundation. Avoid creamy textures that are too rich.
  • Dry skin
    For dry skin that feels tight, it is better to put a cross on overly covering formulas that suffocate and could dry your skin even more, such as mineral powders. Instead, opt for fluid foundations or moisturizing creams. To avoid a dull and lackluster complexion, often characteristic of dry skin, also rely on formulas enriched with light-reflecting pigments.
  • The skins that tire
    Small fine lines, less smooth forehead, face marked by short nights … the signs of aging are starting to show on your skin. Which foundation is right for you? A rather light formula with anti-aging protection. Avoid powdered foundations which only accentuate the furrows by getting lodged in them.
  • Normal skin
    The most practical type of skin. No worries about shine or skin dryness. Cream, mousse or fluid foundation, it’s up to you to decide which formula works best for you. Light formulas or a healthy glow effect will be ideal for brightening up your complexion. And of course, we don’t forget to moisturize our skin on a daily basis.

The editorial’s favorite foundation

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation by Lancôme

  • lookfantastic


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The darling of the editorial? Unquestionably Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude by Lancôme. A matte foundation with light coverage that is easy to wear on a daily basis. With its fluid texture, it can be applied with fingers or brush for a made natural. Upon application, it keeps its promise of skin that is as perfect as it is natural. With its matte finish, Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude offers us a complexion Nothing wrong for the whole day. We also like it for its long-lasting formula and waterproof which saves us the make-up touch-ups in the middle of the day. And that is not nothing! All in a practical format that you can slide everywhere. His little extra? It comes in 40 shades different!

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