how to clean it well for impeccable hygiene?


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No, it is not enough to rinse your sex toy with water after use. For impeccable hygiene, a few simple tips are needed for your naughty toys.

Whether it has a phallic shape, looks like a duck or whether it is geisha balls, a sextoy can be cleaned after each use. And not just by passing it quickly underwater after orgasm. This is also for a question of hygiene to ensure its durability. This will prevent the proliferation of bacteria and therefore the risk of catching an infection. At a minimum, you should therefore wipe your intimate toys and clean them with an antiseptic soap after each use.

Several options are available to you: a simple manual washing with antiseptic soap, the use of a special sextoy cleaning product, the passage in the dishwasher or in the washing machine (for certain models only) or to immerse it for a few minutes in boiling water (if the intimate toy is purely manual and does not fear strong heat, it goes without saying but it is better if it is specified). In general, a distinction must be made between waterproof (waterproof, which can be immersed in water for several minutes) and splashproof (water resistant, which can be passed under the tap but not submerged).

Sextoys and cleaning products

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Cleaning a sex toy: antiseptic soap

The easiest way is often to opt for cleaning with soap. In this case, it will be chosen antiseptic and antibacterial, fragrance-free and with neutral pH. How to proceed ? run your sex toy under hot water, soap it for about 30 seconds and rinse it with clean water.

Wash your sex toy with boiling water

If it is specified in the user manual that your sex toy can withstand high temperatures and can be immersed in a liquid, then it is also possible to put it for a few moments (8 to 10 minutes) in boiling water to clean and disinfect your intimate toy. This can be glass sex toys for example. or anal sex toys. Attention, if they are waterproof but electronic, it is always better to remove the battery or the battery before immersing them in very hot water. Wait about 5 minutes and then let them air dry.

The option of the dishwasher or washing machine to wash your sex toy

Some mechanical sex toys are dishwasher safe. We will check that this is the case by reading the recommendations of the intimate toy’s user manual before starting a cycle. Preferably, no detergent will be added. Exposed to strong heat, it could come out very damaged and out of use if this is not the case.

Special sextoy cleaner: easy and practical

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There, just follow the instructions in the product manual! Generally, after wiping the sextoy, it suffices to spray a little product on the intimate toy and to wait a few minutes before rinsing it off with clear water.

The particular case of gelatinous latex sex toys

In this case, the material is generally porous. It is therefore best to avoid exposing them too much to water. It is best in this case to use a condom each time you use it.

And after ? Once the sex toy has been washed, you can either let it air dry, or use a clean paper (we will avoid fluffy tea towels). Then all you have to do is keep it dry in a dark place and remove the batteries.

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