How to get pregnant with a girl?

Choose the right time to have sex, vary positions, take a hot bath before trying to conceive … Put your chances on your side to give birth to a girl.

Do you want to move up a gear within your relationship, but prefer to have a little girl rather than a boy? To do this, we have put together a list of popular little tips to optimize your chances of giving birth to a girl instead of a boy.

It goes without saying that none of these theories has a proven scientific basis: their use cannot 100% guarantee that you will have a daughter. In fact, the baby's gender can never be predicted with certainty, as it depends on genetic factors. Sperm and ova are made up of 23 chromosomes each: X and Y. The sex of the baby will depend on how the pairs of chromosomes are joined: XX (female) and XY (male). In short, you have practically the same possibilities of having a boy as a girl. But there are some methods that can help put your odds in your favor.

1. Follow a diet rich in minerals

This belief is based on the Barreta method, developed by an Argentinian biochemist named Adriana Baretta. According to his theory, minerals such as calcium and magnesium can promote the conception of a girl, because they promote type X (female) sperm. Likewise, the consumption of foods rich in sodium and potassium (which would favor foods for men) should be avoided. To be precise: according to this theory, if you want to have a daughter, you should include in your menu dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurts …), fish, beef, rabbit or pork, fruit ( oranges, pineapple, strawberries …) and cereals.

2. Take a hot bath before having sex

This is another of the theories that are circulating. Some believe that heat promotes the speed of type X sperm (females, as we mentioned), giving them an "advantage" on the way to conception. So you and your partner can take a warm bath before each intercourse.

3. Favor the position of the missionary

Another popular belief is based on the speed of sperm: it is assumed that in this position, male sperm have more difficulty in "reaching the goal". Anyway, here is a compilation of the different postures to enjoy sex during pregnancy:

4. Designing full moon nights

It sounds romantic, doesn't it? This assumption is based on the lunar calendar and, like the famous Chinese prediction table, it is a groundless theory. A popular belief much discussed which could have its explanation in the coincidence of the menstrual cycle with the phases of the full moon … To test?

5. Having sex 12 hours after ovulation

More commonly known as the O-12 method, this technique would come from a woman who had already had six boys, and after trying other practices to have a girl, she finally found something that worked for her. : make love only 12 hours after ovulation. But of course, chance and probability may have worked in his favor.

6. Have sex a few days before ovulation

This is the procedure of the Shettles method (which contradicts 0-12, by the way). Based on the fact that the X sperm (girls) are larger and more resistant, this method suggests trying to conceive two or three days before ovulation. During this period, the pH of the vaginal fluid is assumed to be more acidic, which promotes access to sperm.

7. Make love only on even days of the month

This theory is taken from a Chinese folk tale about design, but we have found no theoretical basis for it. According to this story, making love on even days promotes the chances of conceiving a girl, on the contrary, having sex on odd days would make it possible to have a boy. To check…

Obviously, all these methods are not universal, but above all do not despair, you should always be able to try your luck later.

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