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To make socks, you especially need a good tutorial to get started without fear! Thanks to the advice of Maloraé Designs, a designer of modern, delicate and feminine knitting patterns, you have beautiful comfortable socks!

How to easily knit socks?


There are many ways to knit socks : from tip to ankle (toe-up), from top to bottom (cuff-down), reinforcing the heel, in shortened rows or afterwards, with a pattern or in stockinette stitch … In this tutorial, we knit the toe-up socks with a heel in short rows.

Step 1 : Start by casting on 12 stitches on each needle using the Judy’s magic cast on or Turkish cast on method.

Then increase to form the tip of the sock:

  • Positioning rank : everything in place
  • Rank 1 :
    • acute 1: 1m end, increase crossed out, end to 1m, increase barred, 1m end.
    • aig 2: same as aig 1.
  • Rank 2 : everything in place.

Repeat these 2 rows until you get 60m (30 on each needle).

You may need more or less stitches, so you need to try the sock on your foot regularly.

Step 2: The foot

Once the toe is made, knit in the round in stockinette stitch for stripes, or by following a pattern (be careful, only on the top of the foot so as not to interfere when walking) until you obtain a length 5 cm below of the length of the foot.

Step 3: The heel

Then go to the heel. There are also many ways to make a heel, here we use shortened rows.

Knit the ea1 according to the pattern.

The next row is worked only with the stitches of needle 2 back and forth.

  • Row 1 (END): K 29 and turn the work.
  • Row 2 (ENV): gl 1 m, 27m env and turn the work.
  • Row 3 (END): gl-approx 1 m, end 26 and turn the work.

Repeat rows 2 and 3, knitting one st less each time a total of 8 times and row 2 once more. Until you have 15 central sts not knitted.

  • Row 4 (END): gl-env 1 m, 14m end, 1 single overlock, AID, and turn the job.
  • Row 5 (ENV): gl 1 m, approx 15m, approx 2m en, AID, and turn the job.

Repeat row 4 and 5, 8 times in total and row 4 once more.

Step 4: The ankle

Then resume knitting in the round in stocking stitch or following the pattern (you can integrate it on the back of the ankle). Knit 13-15 cm from the heel to create high socks (to calculate the size, fold the sock in half and knit until almost reaching the end of the toe).

Step 5: The ribs

Then go to the ribs, again you can choose the one you prefer: 1/1, 2/2, 3/2 … Ideally, choose the 2/2 ribs. Knit 12 rows of ribs.

Step 6: The flap

Bind off using a much larger needle number (4.5mm) to keep the elasticity and to be able to put on the socks. You can also make an elastic flap.

thanks to Maloraé Designs, designer of modern, delicate and feminine knitting patterns. Models and accessories to find on:

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