Huawei Watch D: Smartwatch with integrated blood pressure monitor now available


The Huawei Watch D is available now. The smartwatch presented at the IFA 2022 can, among other things, perform an ECG and measure blood pressure.

This is what the Huawei Watch D looks like. (Source: Huawei)

  • The Huawei Watch D is available now.
  • The smartwatch can measure blood pressure and heart rate, among other things.
  • It costs 399 euros.

Last year we still missed ECG and blood pressure measurement in the high-end smartwatch Huawei Watch 3 Pro. The new Watch D from Huawei has the features on board. The device was already presented at the IFA 2022 and is now on the market.

This is what the health smartwatch can do:

The heart of the Huawei Watch D is the blood pressure and heart rate measurement. According to Huawei, blood pressure can be measured with an error margin of ±3 mmHg. The manufacturer nevertheless warns against self-diagnosis in its shop and, as with other smartwatch sensors, the accuracy here also depends on how the watch is worn. In addition, sphygmomanometers are prone to error in circulatory disorders or blood diseases.

To activate the ECG, it is enough to press the “Health” button of the device for 30 seconds. The ECG feature has received CE certification for heart rate measurement, as well as European medical certification.

The smartwatch can detect irregularities. However, if you have cardiac arrhythmias, the results may be inaccurate. The manufacturer also notes that the ECG app results are for reference only. You should also not use the device if you have a pacemaker, for example.

Otherwise, the watch measures stress levels, calorie consumption, number of steps, sleep quality and blood oxygen saturation. However, the results are again reference values. A fitness tracker with 70 training modes completes the offer.

price and availability

To use the Huawei Watch D, you need the Huawei Health App. The data from the app can be integrated into the Stava sports app.

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The Huawei Watch D is available now and costs 399 euros in the Huawei shop. You can get the Huawei Scale 3 body fat scale for free until November 6th.

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