I'm a Star – The Great Jungle Show: A Harmony Group To End?


I'm a Star – The Great Jungle Show
A harmony group at the end?

Filip Pavlovic, Djamila Rowe and Xenia von Sachsen (from left) are the latest jungle contenders

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

With Filip Pavlovic, Djamila Rowe and Xenia von Sachsen, the audience got to know the final contenders for the Australian jungle.

On day ten of "I'm a Star – The Great Jungle Show" on RTL (also on TVNow), viewers finally got to see the last three participants. Trash show king Filip Pavlovic (26) first met Xenia Princess of Saxony (34) and the supposed baroness Djamila Rowe (53). The all-important question: did this tiny house constellation also offer royal entertainment for the proletariat?

Filip is starstruck

The three new candidates had hardly found each other when it was celebrity chick Filip who was enthusiastic about the star power present: "They are the Moby Dicks in the business and I'm the little shark," he marveled, not referring to Djamila's lips.

He could hardly believe that Xenia is a real princess living with him in the tiny house. In addition, she has been in the sometimes darker, sometimes brighter spotlight for half of her life. And bitch pioneers Djamila has developed significantly in recent years: "When I was 30, the tits went out and now that I'm 53, the tits stay in."

"The last scream"

Before the jungle aptitude test, Filip said the greatest challenge was the English of Dr. Bob (70) understand. At that time he didn't know which animals would await him in the challenge. In three boxes there were different animals for each of the candidates as well as three wooden plates with terms that had to be removed and explained screaming. If the prescribed number of decibels was not reached, there was a free electric shock as a disgust. Filip had more than enough of that, because of course the show-makers realized that he can't do anything with snakes.

On the other hand, Xenia had an easy job with scorpions and Djamila with tarantulas. In the end all three fished their signs out of the boxes, the only problem they had with screaming afterwards was six out of nine possible stars plus three electric shocks. Speaking of which: on day one, group four only yelled at orders or for fun. However, the preview for day two suggested that the harmony could quickly change with the increasing nicotine deficiency symptoms of Xenia.