Important supporter of Trump: US casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is dead

Important supporter of Trump
US casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is dead

A life like the American dream: ascent from a humble background to become a casino magnate and one of the richest people in the USA. With his fortune he supports the Republicans and most recently US President Trump. Now US billionaire Sheldon Adelson dies at the age of 87.

The US casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, an important supporter of the elected President Donald Trump, is dead. The multi-billionaire died on Tuesday night at the age of 87 of complications from cancer, as his corporate group Las Vegas Sands announced. Expressions of condolences came from, among others, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former US President George W. Bush.

Adelson, who grew up in humble circumstances in Boston on the US east coast, had built up a huge hotel casino empire. His group of companies includes the casinos "The Venetian" and "The Palazzo" in Las Vegas, as well as casinos in Macau and the famous "Marina Bay Sands" in Singapore. According to Forbes magazine, he was one of the 20 richest people in the US with a fortune of $ 35 billion and ranked 38th worldwide.

Adelson was a major Republican Party donor and a major donor to Trump. He donated almost $ 220 million for the presidential and congressional elections last November alone. Married to a native Israeli since 1991, Adelson also supported Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In 2007 he founded the conservative free newspaper "Israel Hajom" in Israel, which is behind Netanyahu. The deceased multi-billionaire is to be buried in Israel, as announced by his group of companies. Before that, a memorial service is to be held in Las Vegas.

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