Important Ukraine ally: Trudeau welcomes Zelensky in Canada

Important Ukraine ally
Trudeau welcomes Zelensky in Canada

Volodymyr Zelenskyj surprisingly travels from his visit to the USA to neighboring Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau receives the Ukrainian President at the airport. Zelenskyj will probably appeal for weapons aid and is planning to give a speech to parliament.

After his visit to the USA, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj continues his trip abroad with a stopover in neighboring Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met him in Ottawa as he got off the plane. It is Zelensky’s first visit to Canada since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Zelenkyj is also scheduled to give a speech to parliament during the one-day stay in the NATO country. It is believed that the Ukrainian president will also seek arms assistance from Canada. The Ukrainian president will then travel to Toronto, where he will meet with Canadian business leaders.

According to information from Ottawa, as on his trip to the USA, he will also be accompanied in Canada by his wife Olena Zelenska. Trudeau’s office said the reception of the guest from Kiev was intended to reaffirm Ukraine’s continued support in the defensive war against its neighbor Russia. Trudeau said Canada would support Kiev in the conflict with Russia “for as long as necessary.”

Canada with the highest per capita financial aid

According to its own statements, Canada has provided Ukraine with more than 8.9 billion Canadian dollars (6.2 billion euros) since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression, around a fifth of which is military aid. Among other things, Leopard 2 tanks, air defense and artillery systems, armored vehicles and ammunition were delivered. “Canada continues to unconditionally support the people of Ukraine in their struggle for their sovereignty and democracy, as well as our shared values ​​such as respect for the rule of law, freedom and self-determination,” said Trudeau.

Canada is an important supporter of Ukraine. According to its own information, the country provided the highest per capita financial aid in a G7 comparison. A military program with Canadians training more than 38,000 Ukrainian military and security personnel was also extended until 2026. Since the Russian invasion, Canada has also taken in over 175,000 Ukrainians and imposed numerous sanctions against Russia.

Before his trip to Canada, Zelenskyj took part in the UN general debate in New York this week and was then received by US President Joe Biden at the White House. He also met several Cabinet members in Washington, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, as well as members of Congress.

Part of his mission at previous stops was to convince war-weary skeptics of his course and to explain why talks with Moscow are unthinkable for him at this point. Zelensky appeared less demanding than on previous occasions and emphasized his gratitude for the allies’ achievements.

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