In Canada, a plane marriage proposal turns into a disaster


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A plane with a marriage proposal banner crashed near a music festival in Montreal, killing one of the passengers.

A request for the least dangerous. This Saturday, October 2, the Canadian news site CP24 reports that an aerial drama took place in Montreal. In a city park, a small aircraft from the Aerogram company crashed with two people on board. The injured pilot was urgently hospitalized while the passenger accompanying him died on the spot.

The plane in question was carrying a banner on which was inscribed a marriage proposal: “Chantal, will you marry me?”. She would have fallen into the river near the park a few minutes before the tragedy. Investigators are investigating whether the banner with the request is partly responsible for the crash. At that time, the park was hosting thousands of people for the Osheaga Music Festival. Asked by Press, a security guard who saw the disaster, testifies: “The plane was flying very low. Little by little he was losing speed. The banner came loose in the water. He wanted to turn around and he crashed. There was fire and a huge cloud of smoke. ”

An emergency landing that remains to be clarified

According to initial information from the investigation, the plane would have had engine problems around 6 p.m. The experienced pilot wanted to land urgently in a park. Unfortunately, he failed to avoid the crash. He has yet to be heard by investigators to try to determine the exact cause of the accident.

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