“In Paris, it is urgent to act against the dramatic and outrageous situation linked to crack”

Tribune. The situation in the district of the Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad, in Paris (10ᵉ and 19ᵉ arrondissements), in the neighboring park of the Eole Gardens, and more generally in the north-east of Paris, has deteriorated sharply. these last months. This situation is a tragedy for our neighborhoods. The nuisances and insecurity which mark the daily life of the inhabitants, as well as the psychological, social and physical distress in which drug users find themselves, men or women, can no longer last.

The actions of the police and the justice system carried out for more than half a century with regard to crack have not succeeded in stemming a traffic which is constantly renewed at a frantic pace, condemning the interventions in the field to a health failure. and social, in particular in the districts of the North-East of Paris which see an explosion in the number of consumers of crack in great precariousness.

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Depending on the evacuations, the police disperse and move them, whether in Seine-Saint-Denis or in the north-east of Paris: from the Rosa Parks station of the Regional Express Network (RER) to the Eole gardens, from the Chapel door in Stalingrad, etc. Putting themselves in danger and placing an entire neighborhood under tension each time, the members of this increasingly numerous and precarious population wander the streets.

Catching up with France

However, there are solutions. This dramatic and outrageous situation can only improve on the double condition that the fight against trafficking and the dismantling of networks, an essential prerequisite for the appeasement of the public space, intensify and that in parallel long-term and ambitious measures be implemented to provide health and social support to crack users.

With regard to these men and women who consume their products by injection or inhalation, other countries have already acted, with success, and have succeeded in containing or even stemming the open scenes of dealings and drug consumption. We can no longer be satisfied with French legislation which, limiting the areas of medically assisted consumption to derogatory and experimental measures, prevents any serious action with these major street users, too far removed from care to even wish to get out of dependency. .

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In doing so, it de facto and durably deprives other citizens of public space. We must therefore make up for the terrible delay that France has taken and start with the rapid, but long-term treatment of the most affected districts, in particular those in the north-east of Paris and nearby towns.

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