In Slovakia, the very unecological expeditions of the extreme right into national parks cause a scandal


In Slovakia, a central European country governed since October 2023 by a nationalist and pro-Russian coalition, you can be responsible for the environment and peacefully explore protected natural areas by helicopter or quad bike. State Secretary for the Environment appointed by the Slovak National Party (SNS, far right), Filip Kuffa has been facing calls for his resignation for several days due to his very unecological travel habits in the emblematic national parks of this country of 5.5 million inhabitants crossed by the magnificent Tatras range.

On April 5, this blond, bearded 36-year-old, until now known more for his anti-LGBT beliefs than for his environmental credentials, was first spotted roaming the skies of Mala Fatra National Park by helicopter. at a much too low altitude. According to an expert interviewed by the site Dennik Nwho viewed the videos posted by one of the Secretary of State’s lieutenants on social networks, the aircraft flew over this area at less than 100 meters altitude, well below the minimum authorized 300 meters, which could have endangered the nesting of eagles and hawks.

On Sunday April 14, the Markiza television channel then published videos of another expedition dating from the end of February, this time showing Mr. Kuffa in Poloniny Park, in the far northeast of the country. He travels through the forests on a quad, despite the ban on motorized vehicles. As with his helicopter flight, this trip would not have obtained any of the required authorizations. “When I was park director, even army helicopters had to request authorization”assures Marek Kuchta, former director of the Low Tatras National Park, who was recently fired from his position, like dozens of other officials from the Ministry of the Environment considered annoying by the new power.

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Faced with the controversy caused by his expeditions, Mr. Kuffa did not show the slightest regret in several videos posted on his Facebook account, the favorite means of communication of the far-right Slovak conspiracy theorists. “It doesn’t matter whether we are in a national park or a protected area. If an owner takes me somewhere to show me their property, I will continue to accompany them, whether I go there by quad, Jeep or helicopter”he declared, dismissing calls for resignation launched by the opposition, which accuses him of behaving “as if he had all the rights”.

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