in the company as at home

TO back to school, we’re going to change the decor. If, in real life, minimalism could have been the end of the end (nothing more chic than showing that we have too much space), in the age of video, it is important to show that we have something thing behind you in the office. In the first lockdown, we had learned to add books – a lot. Since the spring, the use of the wallpaper has become uniform, visios sometimes bring in contact people who have chosen the same (the white model in its chic and sober black frame, or the large glass open space for those who find their workspace too small).

As some management understood that you could promote your business remotely, the third lockdown saw the explosion of brightly colored backgrounds with the company name inlaid. This gives the executive at Athos the air of Monsieur Sylvestre, of the World Company, as “Les Guignols de l’Info” mocked it. For the start of the school year, we think about how to communicate with real backgrounds. “We should see, for example, a forest of models behind us”, suggests architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Our offices will resemble the walls of sports sponsors during their press conferences.

Casting of stalagmites from folders

At the start of the school year, the use of false funds for internal discussions will be interpreted above all as an admission of absence from the office. It will happen that people wear a mask in front of a screen to make believe that they are on site. The ultimate will be to show an open closet door, or the gray squares of the false ceiling. Any detail that affirms that “I am not in Noirmoutier”.

“The Covid has been a huge accelerator in reducing storage space. »Karin Gintz, Vitra Sales Director

The stalagmites of files on the desks will continue to melt. As early as 1975, in an issue of Business Week dedicated to the workspace of the future, experts imagined the disappearance of paper. We were used to this not happening: as soon as a company ventured towards “zero paper”, we knew that the files were stashed in cupboards, lockers, even car trunks.

This time, there it is. The circulation of documents was reduced at the time when it was believed that the Covid-19 was essentially hand-carried. The suspended file which, from the 1980s, revolutionized office life, could disappear, and with it its plastic ruler with label impossible to put on. “The Covid has been a huge accelerator in the reduction of storage spaces”, acknowledges Karin Gintz, Vitra Sales Director. The office furniture specialist predicts a return of the locker, where you leave your things in the evening.

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