In Uttendorf – four people trapped in a burning tunnel

Large-scale operation for the Pinzgau fire brigades! On Thursday evening, a construction vehicle caught fire in the ÖBB power plant construction site in Tauernmoos / Weißsee near Uttendorf. The flames spread quickly. Not all workers were able to flee in time. The Floriani have now been able to extinguish the fire.

Four workers were still in the tunnel at this point. They holed up in an escape capsule about a kilometer inside the mountain. Three of her colleagues were able to escape in advance. Shortly afterwards, the ÖBB gave the all-clear that no people had been injured in the fire. The Uttendorf, Stuhlfelden and Mittersill volunteer fire brigades were on duty for hours trying to get to the source of the fire.

Why the construction vehicle went up in flames around 7 p.m. has not yet been clarified. According to ÖBB, the four trapped workers were able to leave the escape capsule unharmed after a short time. The fire was extinguished by the alarmed fire brigades with a vehicle specially equipped for such operations in the tunnel.