Industry in transition – Graz automobile giant AVL is cutting 200 employees

AVL employees received bad news on Tuesday morning: 70 employees at the Graz location will be laid off, and 130 more will leave the company over the course of the year.

After two years of growth, the Graz AVL is now going public with bad news: 70 employees are set to lose their jobs in the coming months. The times of upheaval in the automotive industry are to blame for this. Energy, personnel, material and interest costs pose real challenges for companies, they say. “We now have to strengthen the company’s profitability in order to provide the necessary funds for investments in the future. The economic conditions and strong international competition make this capacity adjustment necessary and create the necessary conditions for advancing new technologies,” says AVL managing director Helmut List. A low point after two top years. Last year the company still had an increase of ten percent and achieved sales of 2.05 billion euros. Further investments in new business areas outside the automotive industry are planned in the next few years. The agenda includes new research and development services in the areas of rail, shipping and energy. Key areas also include digitalization and the path towards climate neutrality. Nevertheless, 70 of a total of 4,300 employees at the Graz location now have to leave. In total, a further 130 people will leave the company by 2024 due to retirements and other layoffs. This bad news reached all employees on Tuesday morning.
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