INTERVIEW: Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar: new revelations from Jean-Baptise Alary, lawyer for Cédric Jubillar: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Delphine Jubillar has not yet reappeared. The 33-year-old nurse has not given any sign of life since December 15, 2020. After a raclette evening with her husband Cédric (from whom she was in the process of divorce) and her two children Louis (6 years) and Elyah (20 months) ) Delphine Jubillar left their home in Cagnac-Les-Mines to take out their two dogs, and never came home. Awakened by the tears of his daughter, Cédric Jubillar noticed his absence around 4 a.m. Worried, he texted some of his wife's close friends to find out if she was at home. As this was not the case, the young 33-year-old plasterer therefore notified the police immediately and numerous operations were set up by the Toulouse research section and the Albi research brigade in order to find her: searches of the surroundings and of the couple's home, beaten citizen … In vain. Today, all the leads are still being studied by investigators, including the one that leads to her husband, Cédric Jubillar. Since the start of the case, many have pointed to the father of the family, but without providing any evidence. An anonymous testimony for the prosecution published on France Bleu Occitanie Wednesday, March 3, 2021 had also made his lawyer jump, master Jean-Baptiste Alary. Contacted by Current wife, the board has agreed to answer a few questions about the case.

Current Woman: according to The Dispatch, Cédric Jubillar will soon be heard by the investigating judges, as a civil party. Do you know the date of this interview?

Mr. J.B.A. : Yes, but I do not intend to disclose it. I hope that this hearing can take place in peaceful conditions. If the date leaks, I will request a change. It's in a few weeks. It's relatively close now.

What state of mind is Cédric Jubillar in? Is he relieved to finally have a summons date?

Mr. J.B.A. : Yes, relieved to finally have a date that we have been waiting for several months now. This will essentially allow you to explain yourself, and access the procedure. This hearing will make it possible to know what has been done and said.

Can you tell us more about your client's personality? Some descriptions in the press are quite negative …

Mr. J.B.A. : All these descriptions are steeped in morals and preconceived judgments. Because the house is not finished, we say of him that he is a flank, a lazy, a stoner … and when next to that we learn that 'he was relatively invested in the associative life of the school, he becomes a wonderful father. I see some basic things: this is a 33 year old young man, married, two children, owner. It’s a “marginality” that everyone would dream of.

Cédric Jubillar does not speak in the media. But her mother, Nadine Jubillar, took to social media to raise a rant. Did you mention this speech with her?

Mr. J.B.A. : She has her own lawyer. I don't have to advise him anything. This is not something that has been discussed. Rather, it is a cry from the heart of a mother tired by these many baseless accusations on social media. Elements of the investigation have been publicized in a totally unreasonable fashion. In particular concerning the summons of Cédirc Jubillar, which falls under the secrecy of the investigation …

A member of the Jubillar family has made heavy accusations against your client, anonymously …

Mr. J.B.A. : I have a lot of trouble with anonymous accusers and I'm not the only one. Even when someone is authorized by the liberty and detention judge to testify anonymously in court, lawyers take that testimony with a grain of salt. So when it's pitifully orchestrated like this … If anyone really has information as important as this, I don't doubt for a second that it was taken into account. What happened to it? Nothing. No questioning, no custody, no indictment. From that point on, that the accusers respect the work of the investigators.

Maître Pressecq, lawyer for two cousins ​​and four close friends of Delphine Jubillar, told us in a recent interview that tensions exist between family members. It is said to be tearing itself apart. What can you tell us about this?

Mr. J.B.A. : The tensions did not exist before, did not exist for several weeks after the disappearance, and are simply the result of a tension. Newspaper articles, which sometimes blow hot and sometimes cold, are also to blame. Not knowing necessarily generates tension. When some then go to testify anonymously in the press, I can imagine that annoys …

What repercussions did this affair have on Cédric Jubillar's personal life?

Mr. J.B.A. : He took a job earlier this year. But the media coverage, followed by a somewhat haphazard visit by the gendarmes to his workplace, for a totally futile reason, ended the motivation of the employer. He has found a job and it is going very well.

According to The Parisian, Cédric Jubillar has reportedly received numerous requests from the fairer sex since the start of the affair.

Mr. J.B.A. : I don't have that information. There are some weirdos who contacted him as well. Messages of threats, violence, I pass you the flowery and pictorial comments …

Did Cédric Jubillar know that his wife was going to leave with her lover from Montauban?

Mr. J.B.A. : He suspected, given the time she spent chatting on her phone, that she was organizing her life elsewhere, a single life or a life as a couple. But as the separation was over, they let the Christmas holidays pass. I don't think he was aware of a consummated affair. But both were in the process of divorce. I personally think that for her balance she did well to do it. I only hope that these encounters were not the cause of his disappearance …

Is he ready to start a new life?

Mr. J.B.A. : Today, I do not know where he is in this process. He is mainly focused on his children, his work. And in building as normal a life as possible. He was still forced to mount a wall in front of his home to stop intrusions from journalists or onlookers. The school principal had to ask some journalists to stop coming after class.

This affair certainly disturbed their two children …

Mr. J.B.A. : The 20-month-old does not realize everything, but little Louis is 6 and a half years old, and he does.

Louis (6 and a half) and Elyah (20 months) still see the family?

Mr. J.B.A. : Yes, but it is true that the incipient tensions can unfortunately generate some difficulties today. But the lawyers are there, and trying to put a little oil in the wheels to make the relationship mellow. There are those who are going to threaten you, others who will take their phones to try and help things turn out for the best.

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