Invitation from Medina to the EELV summer days: activists divided on the presence of the artist

Alexis Delafontaine, edited by Loane Nader / Photo credits: Photo Flickr @SeumShine

The rapper Médine continues to create controversy with this time, his anti-Semitic remarks and his invitation to the summer days of Europe Ecology Les Verts. After the mayors of Bordeaux and Strasbourg, it is now the turn of Édouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre, to give up his participation.

A new controversy affects the rapper Médine after his anti-Semitic remarks and the choice of Europe Écologie Les Verts to maintain his invitation to the party’s summer days. Several mayors took matters into their own hands and decided to give up their participation, like Édouard Philippe and the mayors of Strasbourg and Bordeaux. And precisely, in the city of the former Prime Minister, Le Havre, Medina is the name not to be pronounced.

“Either we invite someone, or we don’t invite them”

Most activists also refuse to speak on the subject, except Marie, in favor of the arrival of the rapper. “I am one of the people at EELV who think that withdrawing the invitation to Medina would be giving in to pressure from the far right and the right, who are also offended by a tweet which is described as anti-Semitic,” she said. Not to give in therefore remains the directive, but it is not the only argument. For Nour, an environmental adviser to Paris, it’s simply too late to cancel. “In fact, when you invite someone, it’s not to withdraw an invitation. The question, in my opinion, is not there. It’s either you invite someone or you don’t. ‘not invite,’ he judges in turn.

Moreover, the anti-Semitic tweet of Medina does not change anything according to him, unlike Vincent who does not wish to be associated with the rapper. “There is a symbol, there is an image and it refers to something behind it, which is far too important to conflate. And even if I understand the notion of debate, I think that we don’t shouldn’t have invited her.” Marine Tondelier, the head of environmentalists, will confirm this Wednesday morning in Le Havre, whether Medina will finally be invited or not.

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