iPad 9, Apple’s best value for money

What is the iPad 2021 worth? Apple’s most affordable tablet gets a few improvements in its latest version. We tested it.

We no longer present this best-selling tablet. Long announced as dying, the niche of tablets has not said its last word. And Apple continues to carve out the lion’s share in this area with a wide range and relatively affordable lead product, its classic iPad. Here he is launching on September 24 the 9th generation of his star product, sold for less than 400 euros, and which still pleases the whole family.

What’s new in this 2021 iPad 9? No real revolution in the program but some well appreciated developments. The Apple tablet is equipped with more efficient components, an improved screen, a new front camera and new functions linked to the iPadOS 15 update (the equivalent of iOS 15 for smartphones but adapted to tablets)

iPad 9 2021: a slightly outdated design but …

If the iPad mini 2021 benefits from a design adaptation to adopt the same chassis format as the iPhone, with straight edges, the iPad 9 edition 2021 retains the same look as its predecessors. All round shapes, large black bands around the screen … it is not yet for this year that Apple will make an aesthetic leap to its cheapest tablet. The device also retains its button on the front panel. Never mind, it is nonetheless pleasant in the hand.

On the other hand, under the “hood”, the Californian mark adopted more powerful components. Without going so far as to equip the iPad with its latest chip, it nevertheless improves the overall velocity of the device, which becomes more fluid (even if there was nothing prohibitive before). We note in particular a notable difference when several applications are displayed in “split view” on the same screen. We especially like the improvement of the screen, with better resolution, increased brightness and better color management in the image.

Efforts on the photo and video

The new iPad 2021 has an improved camera and it was necessary! With its 12 million pixels, that’s ten times more than before. And the sensor now has a field of view of 122 ° with the “CenterStage” function, previously reserved for iPad Pro. It incorporates a face tracking and automatic zoom system. A real technological leap which was necessary and which is good.

iPad 9 2021: the results

Of course, nothing revolutionary is on the menu for this 2021 version of the iPad, but Apple is continuing its long-adopted strategy: gradually improve its entry level by allowing it to benefit from the improvements of premium models (iPad Pro) with a bit of lag. Here is a trickle that works. For 389 euros, this device is as perfectly suited to family leisure activities (video streaming, social networks, games, etc.) as it is to the needs of an adult in a professional setting as a second screen …

If the design does not seem outdated to you, here it is a model that can accompany you for many years, especially since Apple provides a real follow-up update on its old models. If you’ve fallen for the iPad 8, no need to rush on this device (unless you’re really looking for a quality front camera). On the other hand, if you were thinking of equipping or renewing an old tablet, do not hesitate.

Also available from September 24, it will be sold in two colors: Space Gray and Silver. It is compatible with the 1st and 2nd generation Apple Stencil as well as the Magic Keyboard, both sold separately.

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